How to finance pilot training?

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MedlinePlus I am a native Austinite (Austin), I am also in high school (or something) I more than likely to change soon online courses. I recently started investigating local training programs for pilots and ways to pay for them. He previously worked as a technical support representative. for companies like Road Runner, Frontier, and HostGator, I have been working with my family since I was 13. Now I have almost 17 years and seeks to realize my goal of becoming a commercial pilot. I know I can get my private Cert, IR at 17 and had a year to get my commercial cert anyway when I would be eligible. I will most likely do the construction time with my chosen school after earning my CFI and CFII. During the construction process while attend Austin Community College and transfer to a four-year college after my stay in the ACC. This will also allow every so often build while I pursue my degree. I will have a Bachelor of Science in a related field and try to get a job at a regional airline. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So to my problem, AAoA ( has an accelerated program and I fell Sally Mae. I did my parents would be able to get a private bank loan (not to mention not qualify for a credit card that does not have credit and a minor who has terrible credit.) Http :/ / sounds well aside from the high interest and the fact that it would be difficult to pay and the fact that I get all the flight certificates in a row. I have no problem leaving the city and going to the ATP for accelerated program except that no one in Austin and I will be 18 to 150 days, so it would not be enough to not private certs / IR. I do not mind leaving the city to go to Dallas, I have family there and can easily take care of my own needs. I might be able to have another family member co-sign but if I do MedlinePlus'll have to be sure of the "best" way. MedlinePlus I can wait and go to ATP in Dallas 150 days before my 18th birthday (approx) gives me time to concentrate on my studies. Then I could use their funding and go to college with scholarships and loans typical. Money is tight otherwise I think I have the details of "where" and "how" to solve. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Open to suggestions, and please tell me if any of the above is wrong. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Brian B.

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