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Who is the federal entity to handle bad private training school?0ct2012-10-09 18:12:40
I am enrolled in a dialysis program and training school owner / teacher does not teach us the lesson imparted knowledge necessarily be expected to learn in clinical practice in case of any critical situation that may arise. When she gave evidence in the clinical setting (on the last day of our classes) that I mentioned earlier, we can not vouch for the fact that we do not prepare or give us any information-related lesson that, then she lifted her Voice call us names, cursing and telling us that we can recommend to all dialysis units (which was embarrassing and verbal abuse) which was very devastating, I was a nervous wreck. And, as I met no one in his class (previous batch) had satisfactory grades for valid reasons that failed or not give any information or correct lesson we expected or need to learn, does not seem to mind. In other words, we are torn. She had no plans to study either. We have to pay $ 6,000.00 to pay for this short program, and that's a lot of money especially in this difficult time (much made loans, car sold, cash advances from credit cards, etc just to meet these requirements financial) but our problem is theydid not meet our expectations, (good knowledge), especially in a critical situation in clinical settings where deemed very necessary for us all because we know about the veryfirst and the most important person in touch to provide personal care for the patient. That's why we are enrolled in this program, to get a job and prepared.The demand for knowledge must also be given to us, where we had to be fully equipped and ready or be able to cope with the demands of work future is looking for. Each of us has entrusted our money (hard earned money) to them, but the good knowledge of what we had hoped never met or delivered.Iam speak for all students who are frustrated and dialysis was started by this Hemoplus School Training School in Panorama City, CA. Joey Cooper, RN (owner and teachers?) Thank you. We need your help or assistance in the study of this subject and giving immediate action .. in unfair practice. More power to you.
I want to consolidate loans. Is a career training loan through Sallie Mae a private or federal loan?0Demi2012-08-06 09:21:02
I want to consolidate loans . It is a training loan through Sallie Mae private loans or federal?
Who/what entity gets the value of newly printed money when it is transferred to the federal reserve banks?0kyln2012-09-29 22:05:02
As many people know , the United States has the Federal Reserve system banking , private shareholders ( wealthy individuals ) own those banks. Therefore, when the U.S. decides to " expand " the money supply and prints up to a few million dollars in cash, then sends the money to the federal reserve banks differently , with whom the initial value of the money they accumulate ? Think about it ! Not that the U.S. government " sell " the bills to federal reserve banks , in exchange for " something " - just send the bills and says " here will start distributing this money to the Federal Reserve that sends banks do . loans , etc. Apparently , for me , ( but I can be wrong) , that the value of all this money is just "given " to those who own shares in the federal reserve Banks . I've been wondering about of this issue for a long time , and it's really puzzling me . What value would the government get out of these cash transfers ? is given "credit" ?
Would it be a good idea to consolidate my private school loans over to my Federal Direct school loans?0Drew2012-09-25 14:03:02
That way if I fall on hard times we can all agree to a repayment plan based on income ?
Where can you consolidate together federal and private school loans?1Thamara2012-10-08 12:23:02
Where can consolidate federal student loans and private together ?
Where can I consolidate private and federal school loans for the best rate?0GRISSELL2012-09-26 07:54:04
I attended three different universities and have lost my loan records . Is there any way to find out where I should not have to contact through school? I tried next student , but I was told to see how much I have in private loans , which has become a complete disaster . Any suggestions ?
I want to consolidate my private and federal school loans togther. Can that be done? And by what lender?1twg2012-11-04 13:57:03
I want to consolidate my federal and private school loans togther . Can it be done ? And why lender ?
Anyone know where I can find money for a private school program in California? Federal grants won't work?1Gueeta Kakar 2012-09-15 03:41:05
I'm trying to find money for the School of Allied Health Kaiser Permanente . They have financial aid programs that are 24 months , but not for short-term classes . I would not be able to get a loan from a bank in the school , and that is not going to a 2 or 4 year degree . All I need is $ 2,000 for the short term phlebotomy class . Any idea ? Grants or scholarships I'm not seeing ?
Best modular flight training school in the UK?0Jay Tillman2012-09-15 19:12:05
I want to start flight training soon and I will go for the modular route , as they are not a guarantee for a loan to be integrated . I would like pros and cons of modular schools flight training in the UK for people who have been there. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not care much for PPL as my present club in operating costs and the teachers are civil military instructors , former and current jet flew faster and larger commercial aircraft and pilots current and former captain training including British Airways 747.
How can you get free cdl training without having credit or cash for a school loan?1Ricarda2012-08-17 00:26:06
most training places have to sign a loan contract and the company will have to repay the loan. What can you do if you have no credit to get the loan in the first place? and no money to end the tuition?
How long after repairing bad credit could you be eligible for a new loan for school/training?0jolomi2012-08-17 03:58:03
I have terrible credit . 2 by default , the various revolving credit accounts , and numerous collections that have made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir way into the report. It also does not have a co - sign. During most of the last 3 years I have had recurring conditions , misdiagnosed me from working steadily. I want to fly helicopters, but the cost of school is it would be faster to pay your debts and get a loan to complete the training (leg > commercial pilot ), than it would save money and pay out of pocket . It is also perhaps what to do. I know that the items remain in the report of less than 7 years, but even with a bad story , if not actually owe anyone else would have a better chance it would entail. Even if you are not helicopters , I have to finish school. I have 70 hours to 8 hours associated with the lack of science in aviation ( air traffic control ), but I have not been able to get a job in the field. So instead of " finishing" school tell me I have to go back and get another type of training.
Are federal loans still considered federal after consolidating them with a private company (i.e. Sallie Mae)?0Bloomers2012-09-19 08:34:03
My husband and I have been wondering if you could benefit from Obama's plan for student loans. My husband had several federal loans that were consolidated with Sallie Mae to reduce your monthly payments and make repayment of a little less hectic . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since the Obama plan specifically addresses federal loans - what happens when consolidating ?

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