Legal question following divorce?

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Hello , my divorce was finalized on May 24, 2011 . My ex husband and I filed do-it -yourself divorce papers. At the time of his signing , was still very emotional , in love, and I let myself be persuaded to leave his car with my name as the principal of the loan. Now I'm thinking more clearly about the situation , and realize how this could affect me . Unfortunately , I know that the 30 days to file an appeal is up. While we were still in the 30 day period , I asked about refinancing, and he told me he was working on it . It was after that period ended that told me I was making payments and not have to work on getting the car refinancing . I went to her mother for help to resolve this issue , but she refuses to participate . I do not want any money , I 'm fine with it , keeping the car . I just want my name out of your car . I wonder if there is anything I can do from a legal standpoint ? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated . thank

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