How do you write grants for a small business and who do you write them too? and about how effective is it?

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Asked at 2012-08-12 19:49:02
Hello I am a Mary Kay consultant . I want to learn to write grants because I want to go further with my business I want to open a real store selling Mary Kay products ants some other things but I have no money to get a building. ¿ I can get grants and bank loans ? please help
Answer1JAHKEANAHAnswered at 2012-08-14 07:04:04
Sorry to say, but your not allowed to sell Mary Kay into a store.
Answer2DonaldAnswered at 2012-08-17 14:02:03
As Henry , the federal government rarely gives grants to start or expand small businesses , and grants that are given are very oriented (Mary Kay would not be one of the objectives) . However, the federal government provides block grants to economic development and what states do with the money he says is his choice. Some states use the money to provide grants to small businesses new or expanding - you will need to contact your state government about these types of programs

In order to obtain a small business loan , you need a business plan - you can get a good model for a business plan of the Small Business Administration U.S. ( ) < / a> There are good instructions for completing the template, however, the process of developing a business plan - . especially good - not easy and will cause some time to gather information and write the plan. However, the better the plan , the more likely you are to get approval and is likely to be successful, because the plan will provide a road map that you want to be in the future .
Answer3LucelysAnswered at 2012-08-22 06:26:02
If you open a shop and sell Mary Kay products you would sue before he could blink. Read your contract .
Answer4Curcuma . Answered at 2012-09-02 03:06:04
There is no such thing as a help for what you do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That's a fact . /
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