Can this be considered for a legitimate court case?

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Last year ( May 2011) was shopping for a car , and without a guarantee of credit , a lot of money down , and the young man , I had to buy a "hole -in - the- wall" dealer , where guarantee cars, even with bad credit . I signed the papers , and walked away with a Scion tc 2006, only to receive a call the next day saying that I could not finance . I took the car , I have my full payment , and went to another dealer and got a car no problem . MedlinePlus And in the end , the dealer ran my credit SEVERAL times but for personal loans , and only once or twice a real car loans , so my credit was devastated because of the number of queries . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , does this remain a court case of questionable conduct of seeking personal loans , or have any way to make the dealership report them as accidental as consultations experian personal loans ? MedlinePlus These consultations are documented with the time, date , reason, and what they were trying to bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus tl , dr , killed my dealer credit check personal loans , somehow I can do to fix it.

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