Just i tiny rant here, no question, to read or not to read? lol, it doesn't matter, just need to vent...?

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marie claude
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WELLLLLL, I was completely mad. only a little information, my husband works out of town and I have two young children, whom I love with all my heart. and note that I'm not complaining here. right, well, I dunno. Just say a few things. This is so hard, I'm young, 24, the oldest is five years, so needless to say I never have to do much of social life so young. but that's not really the point. It's just that I'll never get out of this house, I have friends, I have no time to make friends. There is always so much to do. always running, and talking on the phone (not social) a day passes that I have an appointment of some sort, I have a two year old, so no matter what I do or where I go there's always a baby on her hip, I had a babysitter once in the last 6 months. i do not get when my husband is gone because he does not like me to do things without him and when he is here, he has not been here and miss them, and I, so we did not get to do anything for my account and we can go do something together. my landlord is really pushing us to buy our house or find another, but our credit is not yet established, I have always been against credit cards and / or money because apparently it was not the best move. So now I have to constantly weighs on my mind, to keep up with all the bills that always seem to come, an error and the electricity is turned off! meals, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, taking my oldest to and from school and attend all funcions (solo) appointments at the bank where I am trying to get the loan quotes to my lawyer credit repair an active two-year-old super, always in tow telephone appointments, grocery shopping, medical appointments and school online by trying to get the title that he never finished when I got pregnant for the first time. my oldest bio dad died last month, so emotional and legal problems that come with that. especially since there was a will. It just never stops. I do not remember the last time I had the opportunity to sit and relax. my kids do not listen and act out all the time, especially when making that big of a disaster such as at home, so any free time I have is spent cleaning some random unnecessary mess. I think it's my fault, because I'm always doing all the time, trying to get some of my attention, throw a needy husband who lives 100 miles away and it needs constant support and love him blah blah blah, and has the never-ending need to spend some time one of their free time are much more abundant than mine, on the phone with me. and he gets angry when I have nothing else to do and is convinced that it is sitting on the couch eating bonbons all day and you get one, over worked, under appreciated isolated sad, forgotten woman hidden under the title wife and mother. if someone did it to the end here, thanks. nobody heard in a while.

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