Lee's Summit Mitsubishi a Kansas City area dealership is offering Cash back on a car purchase.? related questions

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Lee's Summit Mitsubishi a Kansas City area dealership is offering Cash back on a car purchase.?0otter2012-10-09 01:38:07
Lee's Summit Mitsubishi in the Greater Kansas City is offering up to $ 7000 cash back from Christmas shopping and credit card payment or use as a down payment . Has anyone had any relationship with this dealer ? I am in need of a car , but I do not want to get taken . I can use the money to pay 90 % of my debt . I'm assuming that the $ 7000 is part of the loan . Can anybody help ?
Does anyone have any good info on bad credit auto loans for the Kansas City area?0Sparkle2012-10-09 07:32:44
Does anyone have any good information about bad credit car loans for the Kansas City area ?
What are operating hours for CommunityAmerica Credit Union contact center in Kansas City?0~tundra women~ 2012-08-27 06:22:16
What are the hours of operation of CommunityAmerica Credit Union contact center ( call center ) in Kansas City? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to talk to a person instead of using the automated system . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hours not find anywhere online . What time I can call to speak to a real person about my checking or credit accounts in the call center ? I'd rather not talk to the branch MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Thank you !
What car manufacturer is offering the biggiest cash back rebate .I need to get out of my upside down loan.?2jopse2012-09-03 19:28:02
What automaker is offering cash back biggiest back. I have to leave my face down loan. ?
I applied for a cash or a payday loan online and the city of oklahoma city is tring to put me in jail for usin?1kaka2012-09-28 08:45:03
I used my own information . They said it was false information. How can they do that when it was my own information and applied by myself and in my name and i sue them for falsely info.can tring to charge me .
How to purchase a property and get Cash Back?2travie2012-09-22 18:31:02
I was told by a lender that has a way to obtain cash from a property undervalued . I said all I had to do is have the dealer write an annex that will pay X amount for me (the buyer ) 24 hours after the loan has been funded . All I had to do was to legalize the addendum dated 1 day after the purchase contact . He said the lender did not mention that this is between you and the seller , because I hate to see such a thing happen . Is this legal or is there something I need to consider before you make a bid ?
Car dealership in Little Rock, AR area buy car with bad credit?0romi2012-08-11 03:16:02
I am looking to trade my car in the coming months. I have bad credit. Is there any buy here pay here or distributors who can get loans for people with bad credit you suggest? Not necessarily have to be in Little Rock. Cabot , Conway , Benton ... Anywhere within 3 hours from Little Rock is fine. Thanks for the suggestions !
How can i get cash fast to get to court in kansas?2tara2012-09-21 04:27:03
I can not get a loan , since I have a job. And I have no job because I am waiting to be shipped out of the Navy , but I have cut March 25 , so I need the money fast . My parents are not helping , as they have no funds . I really need help in trying to find a way back to Kansas now?
What is a good place to get a cash advance really quick in Kansas? Please Help!!?1aaa2012-09-19 20:18:02
I need some sort of payday loan or cash advance today and all I can get. Does anyone know a good place to do this ?
How to purchase land in installements in and around chennai area?0jessica pham2012-08-15 12:13:03
Friends, I want to invest some money in real estate and want to have some land for me. But it may invest a monthly net income is cash.My @ 25000 / - and I pay in installments . Is there any tax ememptions to purchase land in the loan and the home loan .... ? and I can land directly at the base of the installation purachse first, pay some money to register with the participation of banks and loan companies that offer these facilities procedures.Any ? One more question : Currently there is no tax exemption for mortgage loan. After direct tax code for this service in India will be discarded. what happens to people who already took advantage of the mortgage loan . Thanks for suggesting a good response.
Can you purchase a car from a dealership if you don't have a "real" job?6for writeacher (lenni)2012-10-20 11:21:58
I am a college student and to switch the next year I have a better car , specifically a hybrid since I will be driving a lot on the road . Currently , I work in a ski resort but are closing in March. I also work as an independent contractor ( freelancer ) online for a few jobs for more income. If I go to a dealer over the summer I was denied a loan because I have a "real" employee ?
I am working in a company offering 401k. I want to take the whole money back (not take loan). Possible?0Tu\'Lyishus2012-11-03 17:21:01
I have unexpected financial crisis. Please tell me under what condition I can take the whole money back from 401k. I know I can take 50% loan. But, I want to take the whole money. Do I have leave the company for a short period to do that? Thanks

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