How to increase the value of a double wide trade-in?

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My husband and I are expecting our pre - approval for a modular home . We want to use our existing double-wide home as a trade-in and can depend on our loan worth because we are cutting close to 80 % of appraised value rule . We are waiting for the appraiser to value our place and the new home you want to buy . MedlinePlus My question is - is there any way to increase the value of our double-wide when the appraiser (separately ) a lot of modular determining its value as a trade -in? MedlinePlus It will be bad enough that they have to subtract to move , all necessary repairs , etc. I have to do what I can , reasonably , to up the ante . " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please share fact , not assumptions . The fact that they can support their citing an online source of books , or through their own credentials are highly favored ! Thank you soooo much .

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