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To those in the auto lending field?1Tokey2012-10-26 06:28:03
My Equifax is 774, TransUnion and Experian is 764 is 696. I have 2 credit cards secured by a total of $ 1200 in credit , two collection agency reaches $ 200 each I paid off two years ago and an old car loan paid off in 2008 , showing 17 30 days late , 1 60 days late and 3120 day late. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my chances of getting an auto loan with a decent interest rate ? (Credit Union Member ) Would it help to get my car loan limits raised for the first time ? My annual salary is $ 31K . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hoping to buy a truck for July 30K
ADVANCED AUTO LENDING.COM ?1samuel-322012-09-10 01:21:03
I 'm on the web for all these car loan companies car - offering approval car loans - no credit, no credit , bankruptcy , etc. .. Is there a catch of these loans ? Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you !
Can inflated lending rates, increased cash reserve ratio and strict lending norms control inflation?1kdshakjah2012-10-05 02:45:02
The worlds fastest growing economy of India is going through its toughest test of acid, the interest rates on home loans have increased by almost 5 % in the last 18 months, CRR has increased more than 4 times . This has resulted in inflated EMIs and tenure of already rendered and too cumbersome and for some the realization of the repayment period beyond the retirement age for some. This reality has not lowered the prices of the properties , but stagnated and declined the transaction number . MedlinePlus I was a science student and I feel that I am not very good in the economy , but I am still concerned , so we need your professional advise, how these measures affect the economy really ... Are they worth that much pain are bringng along . MedlinePlus Uniform policies can bring the prices of goods and services is a solution for them ?
Does anyone know if equiplus lending is a legitimate lending company?1Bettie2012-10-05 16:39:01
I'm trying to get a loan to pay off some outstanding bills and also has a not so good credit . I approved of this company in 5000 and is paying the same low monthly payments . Since I have bad credit want to show my credibility and pay them top 8 advance payments. But he also said the prepayment money will go to my reward and I will not have to make my first payment until December 2008. Has anyone heard of this?
How to get into the health field with no experience?0CHEMBOB2012-10-27 00:23:33
So I just recently graduated college with a BS double major in Economics and Business with my focus on finance and administration , I want to go into the health field , such as working in hospitals / clinics in the finance department , as the billing / account basis only to get my foot in the door .. The problem is I have no experience with health care and health care to be strict about certifications , certifications require some years of experience before even sitting for an examination . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I should just take the risk of trying to volunteer or get an internship , but eventually will have to pay my loans somehow. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, my parents are nurses in two different hospitals in 3 systems most important , what's worse is my aunt is in the third .. Is that going to affect hospitals that want to work , because of " conflict of interest " ?
What kind of job can I get outside of my field and get training?0Clement2012-08-14 15:43:02
Paralegal ? I like to work in law firms without having to go to college again. Now I have a Bachelor of Music . Members. I can not repay loans or to borrow. I need an internship . How I can get one. I'm trying to talk to as many people as I can . And I have to believe in training to make it happen . What other jobs to go for one that pays the bills. I need a job quickly. Should I go to the manager and talk to him or her. What should I say ? Help me out here.
Career advice in medical field?0jhenz2012-10-26 05:46:46
I'm a senior in college and graduated a semester and I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis in my 20. I am a psychology biology major, minor, and I really like the school and do very well, well above average in my class at my private school. I always planned to attend medical school when I graduated, but encountered a few roadblocks last year when it considers the decision - last semester GPA dropped to 3.3, financial issues, like paying to take MCAT to get into medical school / high fees associated with applying for schools, and I am overwhelmed by the financial crisis I got into medical school, such as playing an apartment / etc bills, and the large number of borrowing. Alternatively, consider becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative for several years to save for medical school. However, all this confusion with my career has led me to wonder what I'm really interested in. On the one hand, I'm a very competitive person. I have always felt the need to be the best, and the best performance in all aspects of my life. I need to feel a sense of accomplishment in my work and be recognized for my success and have some kind of incentive and motivation to overcome in my career. Also I have to be the boss, I can not work on people telling me how to make my decisions when I'm as qualified and competent to make my own decisions (this is why you can not be a physician assistant). I also like to have a job that pays well (140k or so) because I paid a lot of money in my private education four years, and make a good income is very important to me, so I can comfortably support my future family. This past semester, I have been reconsidering my career as a doctor, because most physicians have overshadowed seem happy with their career choice. I also feel it is very repetitive (unless your emergency med), and physicians face the same problems on a daily basis, there is no incentive to be competitive or anything to work towards such as a promotion or something, that is very important in a career that I would enjoy. Also, I've heard many doctors and medical students to go into medicine not for the money. Of course I always wanted to go to the medical field because I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in helping others, but I am by no means willing to accept the fact that I'll be in debt until he is 50 years enrollment and potentially earn a salary that is comparable to some people who do not even have a degree (pediatricians, family medicine, which was my main interest). I have curious if there are careers available that fit my personality competitive, which will satisfy my need to feel accomplished and overcome to be the best in my career in the health field, or if you should stick to only pharmaceutical sales, or medical school. I am really overwhelmed with all the decisions to be taken so quickly in my future, and I would really appreciate any advice from career advisers or any other person within the health field!
Has anyone ever been employed as a "resetter"/merchandising field? Did you like it?1Brooklynn2012-08-11 00:31:02
I can not stand it! There is no way too many crazy characters to work w / in the team and I really hate it , but I'm saving a lot of cash for a school loan early? Anyway, when you realized you were doing this kind of work that had several different personalities to deal with strangers aw / work on your computer, and how in the world what motivates you to continue w / that for the moment only for the sake of their much larger goals in life? Eg . My friend and I have to deal w / constant sexual harrassement by an employee and one is unstable and yells all the time ...... is so difficult to deal w / on top of all the physical labor , but when there is not much available ....... spring , so here, so there is hope for better jobs SOON PLEASE GIVE ME TIPS ON DEALING WITH THIS JOB AS I need for the coming months
Question about careers. teaching or medical field.?0gaurav2012-09-02 09:47:03
I have a lot of credit for elementary ed . I'm about halfway done. I left bc i had a change of heart after I had my baby , I just did not want to return immediately so I took online classes for medical administration certificate . i can grad this fall with my med . administration cert . but Mrs. Admission to say that I will prob start making about $ 8 an hour in an office , but if I cont . to associate or diploma program for med . I'm going to help make . If that's the case , I could finish my education because I have two years of that left . but I have to pay more for student loans if I taught . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a 15 month old son , so I do not know what decision is right . stay in school and take classes for 2 years and try to get a teaching job . or stay with med management and get a job this summer and finish my 3 grad classes in fall and do med . medical administration field. MedlinePlus i do not know if teaching is for me . I was before I had a baby and do not want to change just bc I had a baby but I do not know if I have the patience for children now or not . pros are that id get the summer off and have a respected career and I can always move that wouldnt mind .
I am 32 and have four years to finish my RN degree, BUT I want to go further in the medical field and maybe be0Kheang2012-10-26 20:52:41
be a doctor . Maybe a doctor or a fertility doctor . MedlinePlus Q : How long will it take to achieve this dream goes three quarters of the school ? We have a child (3 years ) and maybe have one more in a couple of years (? ) . A private school is more idealistic as time passes ? Never mind the $ , I can use student loans .
Is going into a field involving medicine GUARANTEE a job right out of school?0ahh2012-10-02 00:47:02
ie : General Physician, surgeon , doctor, nurse , etc MedlinePlus My father wants me to pursue a career in medicine , believing that I would be financially secure once they leave school and I would not have to be unemployed and to other people with different specialties . MedlinePlus I'm in high school , and I think he put me in this narrow way bull **** MedlinePlus I do not even want to go to college MedlinePlus Why a> debt $ 20,000 student loan without knowing if I even get a job today? MedlinePlus I mean, even Harvard graduates are unemployed ( not all but a handful )
Would you spend $10k on education knowing it won't make much more $ but will get you into a desirable field?0Amiya2012-09-06 15:37:04
I am contemplating taking a course of medical treatment , which will cost me about $ 10,000, because education is expensive in NH . I know that I will earn a lot more $ $ , but I'd be able to work the desired 9-5 mf and be in health care as I wish . I have contemplated RN degree but it takes forever and is hard to get , and I 'm not as disciplined , or book super smart . Treatment could be in healthcare and office mgmt kind of thing I would enjoy , but is it worth spending the $ $ when I have $ 25,000 in student loans to pay, knowing that it will not do much more than I now?

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