To those in the auto lending field?

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My Equifax is 774, TransUnion and Experian is 764 is 696. I have 2 credit cards secured by a total of $ 1200 in credit , two collection agency reaches $ 200 each I paid off two years ago and an old car loan paid off in 2008 , showing 17 30 days late , 1 60 days late and 3120 day late. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my chances of getting an auto loan with a decent interest rate ? (Credit Union Member ) Would it help to get my car loan limits raised for the first time ? My annual salary is $ 31K . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hoping to buy a truck for July 30K
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I disagree with the defendant first. Based on credit scores that you shared , you will be able to obtain financing at a good price for a bank . Personally I would buy every one of the local banks and see what they are offering and compare it with your credit union . Based on term and rate, the CU will probably be the best deal . By the way , the reason I am convinced that you will be able to get a good price from a bank is that most large banks have automated their auto loan approvals . Usually base their approvals of debt to income and credit score . If you meet the criteria to be adopted in " X " rate and that's it . The only time a subscriber is an application is whether the finance person at the dealership asked a favor to the dealership , or if it's a big dollar loan .
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