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When does selling craft products turn into a business?0Nathaniel2012-10-08 16:30:04
I want to start small to see how things go . But I'm confused on weather or not be considered a business . Or just sell occasionally from home. I am not seeking any loan as I am buying my supplies with my weekly paycheck job. For example , my friend sells night crawlers and vegs on a table in front of her house from her garden for years , and is considered a business or is self-employed and if your self-employment - What are the legals of it? I do not know what my next step would be .
What Legal documents do I need in order to start a Online Business? Selling Office Products, Any Advice ?1Redbone2012-08-07 21:36:44
I would start my own online business selling products of Office. I have now worked for a few different websites that sell office products and a large market to make money in. In order to start my online business, I need to know what legal documents that I have for my business line to be legal? In addition to legal documents , what else do I have to have started in order to start my own online business? Another question , how can someone like me, a young entrepreneur like my self apply for a small business loan ? and Why do I get a bank loan, which would be my requirements to be accepted for a loan? If anyone knows of a business or website and can contact who will help me to prepare all my legal documents , paper work , etc. for my online business started ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Why should Big Business and Big Banks do anything to turn our economy around?3Bonnie2012-10-21 23:27:01
Currently , banks are big business and big record profits, sitting on assets and give bonuses registration record , while economic growth is in a fixed position and loans to small businesses have declined in billions . The Republican solution to the problem is promising big business and big banks if the conditions of the gift
Buying a TURN KEY business need advice?3Gibbons2012-10-23 20:10:02
I'm looking at buying a sports bar and grill set in my area . I've never had my own business , but have run my friends motorcycle shop and are very experienced in the everyday scene behind the problems that a small business meetings . My problem is that I have about a 675 credit score and will have to fund this risk through a loan from the SBA . I also I have a co -signer but also more or less the same credit I have. The business I'm looking at is about $ 650,000 a year in sales and a net cash flow of $ 78,700 , the sale price of the company with all the accessories and the inventory is $ 255,000 obo and why the current owner is selling is because of a messy divorce . Sound like a feasible idea company for me?
How do i advertise my products?1Shirlena2012-09-29 21:13:02
private microfinance loan to help give loans to those who are ready for school company , and small businesses .
How can i turn all of my great business ideas into actual businesses?0b-more-nappy2012-10-15 19:54:52
It occurs to me ( what I often say ) are really great ideas for business, usually something that is not really there anymore, or just a latest twist in existing idea , when I tell my friends or relatives often say , wow that would be a money maker , but getting the money or support to fund projects existient hardly seems , I was looking for some creative ideas that could help me make some of these great ideas into reality, not I want to run the daily operations of the company i create , I want to start them stand up and get to the right people in place to run and then move on to my next big idea, if I've been to college and all that, but banks do not want to give people all loans and many tried to reach ression long before , so if you have creative ideas let me know ..... not looking for lectures here if you have an idea or information , please do not answer , for your information I have a cousin who was trying to take one of my ideas to reality that has a dual master of the State of Michigan , a score credit for 800 and gave each bank or a million excuses or too small of a loan to do anything to happen , so this is why im looking for a creative alternative ....
Did your being rejected for that small business loan turn you to atheism?1Oyshey Shopon2012-10-06 21:22:02
Does your rejection for that small business loan turn to atheism ?
Which Leather Products are Being Offered by Wholesalers?12021-06-25 06:36:34
I'd like to buy a foreclosed house in my neighborhood, what loan products are available?2sha'kira2012-08-15 14:48:03
I bought my first house in August this year and I have 2 roommates help me with the cost. What to do about $ 7000 gross per month in my full time job and about $ 1050 per month for my 2 roommates. My credit score is 789 and I have no other debt on my mortgage . I would buy another house in my neighborhood and rent it out , but do not have much cash for another payment.
If you get turned down by your local bank, What other banks can you turn to for a small business loan ?3Olive2012-11-03 17:14:02
If you get rejected by your local bank , which other banks can turn to for a small business loan ?
To run America "like a business" should we turn Social Security over to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp?1joy judd2012-10-16 18:34:04
" The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has become an increasingly popular option for private equity funds and other investors seeking investment to turn nearly bankrupt industrial companies into gold. The key is to shift responsibility for pensions, which weigh as much as bank loans on the balance sheet of a company , the pension corporation . MedlinePlus Alchemy same exercise was carried out in Polaroid and the U.S. Airways, as Cone Mills textile and Westpoint Stevens , and a multitude of small businesses in the last four years . And experts say that bankruptcy is almost certainly continue to occur , because pensions and shedding - retirees - health care is becoming a compelling way to make a high-risk investment results. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus https://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/18/busin
I'm selling my business....?1lesly2012-09-25 10:42:02
my boyfriend for $ 50,000. He already has the cash. (he does not have to get a bank loan ) , is there something I have to do? Or will this just be a turnkey ? He gives me money , I give you the business . What steps should be taken to this is done the right way ?

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