Why are Republicans Delusional that after 8 years of Bush that they stand a chance in 2012 against Pres. Obama? related questions

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Why are Republicans Delusional that after 8 years of Bush that they stand a chance in 2012 against Pres. Obama?6helga2012-11-02 01:41:02
Only some of MedlinePlus President Obama Achievements MedlinePlus Tax cuts for 97 % of Americans . ( Something that Bush could never claim ) MedlinePlus Accountability credit card , Responsibility and Disclosure Act MedlinePlus Locked safe havens , tax credit loopholes The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 MedlinePlus Provided grants to encourage energy efficiency building codes . MedlinePlus Extension of loan programs for small businesses MedlinePlus Established a bill credit card rights from MedlinePlus Named the country
Am I crazy? Am I delusional? I can't stand my mother. Her crazy antics are driving me insane... so wait, am I?2vsu2012-09-09 02:53:02
She was a drug addict most of my life. My father raised me. My grandmother paid for her and all my other brothers (dad w / step) forever. She's broken now. I came back to life after 1st year of college. He got back to the horses, my true passion in life. I tried to help her, she used me for money, I got into the court case, i lost. My boyfriend paid most of the settlement. So she says it does not matter, since it does not pay. oh wait its on my credit. Years later, my siblings to live with the boyfriend and I, after it, and then more. Accusations start ****. I am or is he or POS we give hard time to give their money. If we should give. Fast forward a few years later. I'm married (not the boyfriend) and I started a business lesson horse. Took their horses was missing and worked my butt. A few years later I have to go out and help your sale and you need to leave the den grandmothers, stop taking your car to death (stepfather died a few years, so that only parents have left brothers), so I say hire him to teach me lessons. Establish guidelines. moves to my people, will not stay on my couch for borrowing me to rent hotel rooms ... I run out of money, she is in the coach. She goes from renting a room to a customer in a horse trailer in my newly leased property. she cleans and feeds the horses to rent trailer and outrageous electric bill. she needs food and medicine and I have to give her because she says it makes me money. business lost money both husband and I moved to another state and do not want to see or hear how selfish and crazy and I'm crazy. grown brothers can deal with it now. Am I crazy? MedlinePlus Actually I'm wondering if I'm the one who is wrong and am crazy. anyone else out there? Should I cut my life? Do you have to work or feel horrible? sorry for rant.
Why is Pres Obama's statement about everyone working together met with snarky comments?1Sylvia2012-10-27 16:10:04
I also remember being taught at the university and in the seminars that each depends on the other for survival and therefore it stands to reason that customers do business , to think otherwise would be selfish . If you have clients who do not have a business So why the President is hit hard about small businesses that need customers , loans , Union to keep their businesses afloat ? Even Mitt should know that it's true .
Ok, Obama is now pres. elect. Please tell me what his "share the wealth" means? Is it like Huey Long's of old?10Taharqa Hazel2012-09-19 16:34:04
I was searching the net for information on this and only found an interview I did about 9/11, the thing with Joe the plumber, things that the opposition said about him and some historical material about this Huey Long type of days of depression. Longs deal was that no one will allow to do or have less than a certain amount of money, but nobody will be allowed to have more than or more than a certain amount of money. If a person makes a certain amount, which were carried and used to bring people with less to the lowest level. It also had a thing for old age pensions. Long, at least for the time was clear about who he considered rich and who is considered poor. I have trouble nailing down this information with the president. Obama. Also, would not that just create another level of the poor, as in some European countries? People with minimal shelter and food, but hope to do better, because there is no work. Would not this just means that what we consider poor just changed? Maybe you've discovered a way around this. I'll keep searching the net for it. Also what are you going to put in place to motivate people to make enough to be taxed? I mean I know that some business owners who have mortgaged their homes, took out personal loans, worked 80 hours a week, lived on cup noodles, etc to get to the point where they can have a couple of employees. In the months tense, made sure that their employees wages and social charges paid before paying themselves, if they could pay nothing at all. They have now reached the point where they are finally able to write a paycheck and have to worry seriously that led to "share the wealth." I have another friend who really wants to hire another man, but always expected to add employees until he could pay above the minimum wage in California and toss in some of the basic health benefits. Not much but something. More than what is required by law for a company of its size. Now he will wait and see what happens with the taxes first. So somewhere there is someone who takes no more than $ 3 minimum benefits rabies as unskilled labor. What do I tell my friend? What do I tell my boss, who also has a small business and pays relatively well? I was hoping to find something on the net. I know Pres Obama has two books, but if they addressed this, people do not talk about it on the net? I guess I just have to be sure that if I keep working hard, investing in myself, etc. I also can seize the American dream. My dream was not for the government to pay all my bills so I could live as well as my neighbors. My dream was to have the opportunity to do well enough you have to pay my own bills, be able to save for retirement and to help others on the road when I can. I grew up believing that if I worked hard, was willing to be flexible, willing to go where the work was, he was willing to take risks and willing to be continually educated, I would have the American dream of relative prosperity. Let no one hold me because of my race, my gender, my parents who they were or what part of the city were as in some countries. I need to know that this will remain the same. That while our society is dealing with people who can not, we do not railroad people that can (and those who are less willing to try) to benefit people who do not.
STUDENT LOAN BC....wants to apply but i own a car do i still stand a chance?0didi2012-10-09 09:46:29
please help ! juz a quick question about applying for a student loan BC ... I am currently financing a vehicle ... im a single parent and wants to study but need ful time student loans .. I still wonder if I have the opportunity to gain from im approves financing a car ... What are my options ? MedlinePlus By the way , finance the car in June 2008 and the payment of $ 480 per month for three years ... 2007 Hyundai Accent is a ... if I fill out the application I fill out the lease or own a part of the vehicle ? I'm confused
Has Obama Lost His Mind, not Me, ROMNEY 2012?0Ria2012-08-07 18:55:03
Search Y! Replies advanced views on search companies government-sponsored (GSE). I would also like to thank Secretaries Snow and Martinez for taking time from their busy schedules to appear before the commission. I hope this committee spends some time examining the special privileges provided to GSEs by the federal government. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the housing-related GSEs received 13.6 billion dollars in indirect federal subsidies in fiscal year 2000 only. Today, I will introduce the Free Housing Market Enhancement Act, which removes government subsidies from the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), and the Board of Bank Loans National. One of the privileges granted to major governments GSEs is a line of credit with the Treasury of the United States. By some estimates, the credit line may be worth more than $ 2 billion dollars. This explicit commitment by the Treasury to bail out GSEs in times of economic difficulty helps the GSEs to attract investors who are willing to settle for lower yields than they require in the absence of the subsidy. Therefore, the credit line distorts capital allocation. More importantly, the credit line is a promise on behalf of the government to participate in a huge transfer of unconstitutional and immoral income working Americans to holders of GSE debt. The Free Housing Market Enhancement Act also repeals the explicit grant of legal authority given to the Federal Reserve to purchase GSE debt. GSEs are the only institutions in addition to the U.S. Treasury gave its explicit approval by law to monetize their debt through the Federal Reserve. This provision gives the GSEs a source of liquidity available to its competitors. The connection between the GSEs and the government helps isolate the GSE management from market discipline. This isolation from market discipline is the root cause of the recent reports of mismanagement occurring at Fannie and Freddie. After all, if Fannie and Freddie were not underwritten by the federal government, investors would demand Fannie and Freddie provide assurance that they follow the usual practice of management and accounting. Ironically, by transferring the risk of widespread mortgage defaults, the government increases the likelihood of a painful crash in the housing market. This is because the special privileges granted to Fannie and Freddie have distorted the housing market by allowing them to attract capital they could not attract pure market conditions. As a result, capital is diverted from its most productive use into housing. This reduces the effectiveness of the entire market and thus reduces the standard of living of all Americans. Despite the long-term damage to the economy caused by the government
What will Obama's "top priority" be for the 2012 election campaign?3MathGuru2012-08-20 07:28:26
FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS: "... that's something that will be a priority." (04/27/10) ENERGY SECURITY: "And so my plan for energy security has been a top priority of my administration since the day he took office." (04/28/10) EDUCATION REFORM: "To train our workers for the jobs of tomorrow, we have made education reform a priority in this Administration." (02/24/10) STUDENT LOAN REFORM: "This is something that I have made a priority." (01/02/10) EXPORTS BY SMALL BUSINESSES: "This will be a priority." (03/12/09) HEALTH CARE OF 9/11 emergency, "I'm not just talking the talk, we have the budget as a priority for this Administration." (02/03/10) Homelessness among veterans: "I have also directed (Veterans Affairs) Secretary Shinseki to focus on one priority: reducing homelessness among veterans." (08/17/09) Hurricane Preparedness: "Our top priority is public safety which means refuge in the right place or if necessary, to get people as much as possible out of danger before landfall.". (29/05/09) H1N1 FLU VACCINES: "And in this process, my priority has been the health and safety of the American people." (01/05/09) SUPPORT FOR MILITARY FAMILIES: "These military families are heroes as well and are a priority for Michelle and me And always have our support ..." (05/30/09) STRENGTHENING TIES WITH CANADA AND MEXICO: "Let's make this a priority ..." (16/10/09) CONSUMER PROTECTION: "During these difficult times, the needs of American consumers are a priority of my administration." (02/11/09) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: "So this will be an overarching priority for improving our environmental quality." (11/5/09)
Republicans: If Democrats "forced" Bush to make bad mortgages why did he take credit for it in 2004?1rajshekhar2012-11-03 03:09:01
President George W. Bush - Record of Achievement - Chapter 7 - Expanding Homeownership MedlinePlus http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.g
Why do republicans keep lying about the community reinvestment act. Bush ordered 440 BILLION in subprime loans?0Deann Morgan2012-09-14 07:24:07
This is the official text of the White House that his speech in Atlanta on June 17, 2002. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2002/06/20020617-2.html MedlinePlus Here is the official home white sheet fact: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2002/06/20020617.html MedlinePlus Bush said "... That's why I've challenged the industry leaders across the country to get after this goal, stay focused, to ensure that we achieve a more secure America, by achieving the goal of 5.5 million new minority home owners. challenge I call the U.S. home ownership. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And let me talk about some of the progress we have achieved to date, as an example for others to follow. First, the government-sponsored enterprises that help create our mortgage system - I introduced two of the leaders here today - they call those people Fannie May and Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks will increase their commitment to minority markets by more than $ 440 billion. (Applause.) I want to thank Leland and Franklin for that commitment. It is a compromise that suits your statutes, as well, and also conforms to their hearts. "MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Note that Bush appoints Leland and Franklin to their jobs at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so when he asks for $ 440 million which is basically a presidential order) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also note: The government can not force a bank to make a bad loan. And certainly not a republican ALL require a bank to a bad loan. In 2002, Republicans control Congress and the White House. You can not blame this on the Democrats and Barney Frank. MedlinePlus In fact, major appointments of Bush 2 banks have stated that the CRA - Community Reinvestment Act - has had absoutely nothing to do with the banking crisis MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus Bush appointed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said "Experience runs counter to the charge that CRA was at the root of, or otherwise contributed substantively to the current mortgage difficulties." In a letter of November 25, 2008, the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, said: "Our own experience with CRA over more than 30 years and recent analysis of available data, including data on subprime loan performance, will against the charge that CRA was at the root of, or otherwise contributed substantively to the current mortgage difficulties. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Most subprime mortgages not issued by institutions under CRA. In an article published on the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Michigan law professor Michael Barr stated that as of 2005: "Only 25 percent of subprime loans were made by banks and savings banks, and the Federal Reserve reports that only six percent of subprime loans were CRA-eligible. " Similarly, a 2008 study by a law firm specializing in CRA compliance estimated that in the 15 most populous metropolitan areas, 84.3 percent of subprime loans in 2006 were made by financial institutions not regulated by the CRA. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus President Bush designated FDIC Sheila Blair, said in the speech follows: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Remarks by FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair to The New America Foundation conference: "Did Low-income Homeownership go too far?": Washington, DC December 17, 2008 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Good morning and thank you for inviting me to speak. What I want to do today is bury two myths that have been circulating lately. The first myth is that the Community Reinvestment Act caused the financial crisis. The second myth is that working with troubled homeowners to reduce foreclosures lacks urgency and may be similar to a fool's errand. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus CRA as a scapegoat MedlinePlus I think we can agree that a complex interplay of risky behaviors by lenders, borrowers and investors led to the current financial storm. By the way, there are plenty of blame to go around. However, I give you my verdict on CRA:. Not guilty MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In fact: Only one in four mortgages more expensive were the first by CRA-covered banks during the peak years of subprime mortgage lending (2004-2006). The rest were made by private independent mortgage companies and large bank affiliates not covered by CRA rules. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You've heard the line of attack: The government told banks they had to make loans to people who were bad credit risks, and could not afford to pay, just to prove they were making loans to people low and moderate income. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Let me ask you, in the CRA does it say: make loans to people who can not pay? No-where! And the fact is, the lending practices that are causing problems today were driven by a desire for market share and revenue growth ... pure and simple. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus CRA is not perfect. However, has remained around 30 years because it works. It encourages FDIC-insured banks to lend in low and moderate income (LMI o) areas, and I quote, - "consistent with safe and sound operation of such institutions." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another question: Is the placement of loans according to the terms
Why do republicans refuse to admit facts contained in Bush's own press releases? LMAO?4sandip2012-09-22 09:10:04
Fannie Mae Bush asked for 440 billion in loans to minorities. I closed the official White House press and video of his speech is online. However, the Republicans refuse to acknowledge their own press releases Bush. This is my message: Why ask Bush / end for Fannie Mae 440 billion in home loans to minorities in 2002? Here's the official press release of the Bush White House. http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2002/06/20020617.html Bush appoints the heads of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and "requested" to make 440 billion in loans to poor minorities. He also requested 2.4 billion in tax credits (corporate welfare) to home builders who build low income housing. This is what Bush's press release states: "Today, President Bush announced a new goal to help increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million by the late President's agenda of aggressive housing help dismantle barriers to homeownership. provide down payment assistance, increasing the supply of affordable housing, increase support for homeownership programs of self-help and simplify the purchasing process and increase education ... The president wants to dramatically increase the supply of homes available for families of low and moderate income. The President has proposed a single family of Affordable Housing Tax Credit, which will provide approximately $ 2.4 billion to encourage the production of 200,000 homes for sale affordable to families of low and moderate income ... The President is issuing "American Homeownership Challenge" to the real estate and mortgage finance industries to join in their efforts to increase the number of minority owners in 5 5 million families at the end of the decade many organizations have already responded to the challenge of the president, pledging to:. Substantially increase at least $ 440 billion, the financial commitments made by government-sponsored enterprises involved in the secondary mortgage market, specifically minority market oriented " Did you know that President Bush, funding is one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S. ... his name is Dwight ScHARR and lives in a mansion in Palm Beach 70 million. Coincidence?
Any chance that Bush et al were behind "NINJA" mortgages to gain support as new homeowners became excited?0Mrs. Lakshmi2012-08-31 11:04:02
What Bush mess is Obama cleaning up?0Taylor Marie2012-11-06 06:41:02
Liberals keep saying this, but Obama keeps all of Bush's policies. Not the war cause now Obama has started his own in Afghanistan and we are now staying in Iran for the next 10yrs. So, nope it's not the war. Not the Patriot Act cause he chose not to reverse that. Can't be the spending cause he spent in three months what Bush spent in 8 yrs and gave huge bailouts to big rich companies too. As for gitmo, yeah looks like it will be staying open. Gay marriages still not acceptable. The housing market is a direct result of Clinton deregulating banks and putting pressure on them to give out loans to the poor who they knew could not afford them. Which led to stock market downturn, bailouts and layoffs. Something Clinton even with good intentions never should have started. Katrina was the democratic governor's fault for not asking for the presidents help. Nader knew his state and he knew how bad it was and chose not use the resources he had to get those people out. Did you see all the unused buses? Had nothing to do with Bush. The only thing I have seen Obama has reversed is spending tax payer money on abortion and stem cell research. If anything he has blown everything Bush was doing to double it's size and more. He does everything bigger, but not necessarily better. Now we have to worry about gov run health care, banks and auto industry. We need to paint our roofs white and buy death trap cars. Paying our outrages light and gas bills that will only drive up consumer cost on every product we buy down to a loaf of bread. So, now back to my original question. What mess of Bush's is Obama cleaning up?

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