Tax refunds and defaulted student loans...?

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n gibs
Asked at 2012-08-12 17:35:02
This is the situation, I left my job in February 2009 and moved to another state because of the economy. I have food stamps and A + D until the summer of 2011 while I was waiting to go to the SSA disability hearing ... again ... That judge me crucified for the first time. I just could not take a second time, so I went and found a job and got off the welfare program. No children, and I was living with a family for children under 2 years not working ..
I guess the collection agency for student loans "found me" and in 2010, when I had no income except for the A & D and food stamps, she looked at my "file" with the IRS to see if I was working, and where. I had not worked anywhere February 2009-June 2011. My question is ... Will my tax refund (about $ 1,000) will be offset to pay this loan stupid? though I was gainfully employed for 2 years, but I worked for 6 months? (Just went to that school for 3 weeks). I was asked to leave the case there were many incidents of my disability Bi-polar and learning, I feel very frustrated if you do not "get" the lessons we were taught ... I had a fifth grade level in math, and the school put me in an algebra class college level. That was a disaster waiting to happen. I guess the call counselor saw me coming a mile away! He even talked about my "problems" and she assured me it would be nice ... SUCKER'S ME!
I have this loan paid off and in recent years (since 1990) and also had been standing in line waiting for all medical bills to end its embargo .. I guess they got tired of waiting for a debt to pay off, and retired to his place in line .... And NO, I can manage my money because my bipolar problems, so we also spent a year with no heat in my trailer sucks. I guess the health department was waiting to be ordered from my house had a big hole in it, and without heat. From No Heat to the streets! That would have solved everything! I pitched a tent in the backyard, just to make a point! Hello, I did the best I could! Since moving, my family has been managing my finances. The situation is much better now. I told the people gathered a few years ago that I had been working at the time, so it was kind of payment plan based on income. Each month, send me a bill that says: Amount due $ 0.00 So I need to know is not to learn that I work again until the next tax year is this? It may take me a tax refund immediately? I need to know if I'm making statements at this time, they say they pay $ 0.00 how soon the Department of Education know that I have a refund coming to me? Or, do not learn about it until tax time in 2013?
Answer1Ricky C.Answered at 2012-08-18 13:33:03
Call 1-800-304-3107 is automated! Have your Social Security number ready ! The auto attendant will tell you if you have a debt with them. Doing so will make a refund or take it all depending on the amount you owe.

HOWEVER, if collection agencies to present the documentation to compensate for their refund will be made. Just call and see what he says, hopefully that says " no debts are" in this case, expect your full refund!
Answer2DemetriousAnswered at 2012-08-28 03:30:03
1) Of course you can take your refund immediately . MedlinePlus 2) Why do not you just change your W4 to minimize and maximize the return on your take home pay ? ? Just a little common sense to you. MedlinePlus The Department of Education will be aware of your refund long before seeing a dime . They are actually in line for a refund before you are.
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