Do you think Accounting is for me?

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Asked at 2012-08-12 17:13:02
I've been looking to further my education in pursuit of a better career, but I have no desire to attend college for 4 years. I am currently doing a bit more than $ 26,000 a year with my high school diploma only, so I've been investigating two-year degrees and most salary ranges or are similar to what you currently earn, or not enough to justify more debt loans.

However, I recently discovered a technical college right nonprofit, near where I work, offering a fully online two years aimed at AAS in accounting. I did some research and found that on average, an accountant can earn more than $ 30 + / hr right college with the opportunity to rise steadily, which I find amazing.

This is my fight, I have always dreaded math. I never enjoyed my math classes in high school, and struggled to understand the more complicated equations. With that said, I DO manage finances well, managing money and have a basic understanding of the assets and equity and interest in learning tax preparation work.

After some research I found that many students take courses in accounting indicate that also do not like mathematics, however, enjoy the logic of numbers and the focus of a counter style - mathematics. I currently work a job that involves medical billing, so I have experience with basic math, and billing and, if that helps.

Based on what I said, do you think that accounting can be in my future? I am in no way a guy who has the numbers naturally to my head, but I really like the credit management money management debt, and financing. Your thoughts? Much appreciated!
Answer1WilmaAnswered at 2012-09-11 19:09:03
my boyfriend is an accountant . He made $ 30 + per hour right out of college and it wont unless you get your CPA . Most accountants make about 35k a year right out of college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oh, and my boyfriend has a degree as well .... if you become a CPA license you're going to make money really good .
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