Is it possible to switch from the G.I. Bill to the College Loan Repayment Program? related questions

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Is it possible to switch from the G.I. Bill to the College Loan Repayment Program?0Otaku2012-10-08 09:01:07
I'm in the active Army , but now I'm going through EIT in AIT . I am registered for G.I. Bill . Is it possible to change the G.I. Bill for Loan Repayment Program before entering college party town ?
Can military personel recieve both the G.I. Bill and the college loan repayment program?0Vows, [Me` Yan -2012-10-14 02:51:56
Just wondering if it is possible to achieve both and Tuition Assistance AirForce Also if anyone knows .
How can we switch from GI bill to loan repayment?2avinash2012-10-20 09:30:08
My husband joined the Air Force in 2008 . At that point , we knew we could not choose the loan repayment for enlistment first then go to the GI Bill when he re - enlisted . We ended up going with the GI bill because we realized that in time could pay off the loans and the GI Bill would help us to avoid having to take any loan . Things are not working as planned and now we wonder if we have the option to go to GI Bill to repayment of the loan when you re- enlist ? We have already paid $ 1200 for him and ideally we 'd like to use the GI Bill if they choose to make a 3rd entry . Would we have to pay the $ 1200 again? Is this possible ?
MGI Bill and Loan Repayment Program?0Kaitlynn2012-09-10 02:52:02
I joined the original U.S. Navy for 4 years , I joined the MGI Bill and Loan Repayment Program . in
Is it possible to use the Army loan repayment program and GI bill?0D sharper2012-10-03 08:40:56
Is it possible to go to college and get a bachelor's degree and then join the Army to help pay their loans and after years of service in the Army to use the GI Bill to help me get my Masters ? There are other benefits that can kick in for you to add money to these benefits ( GI bill / loan repayment program ) ?
Air Force loan repayment program & GI Bill...?0G2012-09-22 19:30:02
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wondered how these two programs work in the Air Force ( USAF ) . I am currently considering a career in the Air Force . From what I understand is that you can take the GI Bill or the repayment schedule of the loans offered by the AF that pays about $ 10,000 for loans . However, I have read that you can not use both at the same time and have to give up one of the aid. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am currently working on a bachelor's degree and I have less than 2 years. As expected I got some loans . However, there are a couple of things ... first I know that if I serve the military, Stafford loans I can reduce some of the deb or blot out . Which means I can use the GI Bill to pay for my flying lessons and have graduated in hand . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for any help you can provide on this matter .
Should I choose GI Bill or Loan Repayment Program?0Fun2012-09-26 09:54:03
I'm active duty next year and will have the option to make college tuition PRL disqualifies me GI Bill benefits unless enlist and serve 3 or 4 years . My initial enlistment is 6 years . The only reason I would choose the GI Bill is to transfer it to my wife , but I read that you have to serve 10 years to transfer to dependents . Is this true ? If so , my best bet may be to make the LRP , enlist, serve at least 10, then pass the benefits to a dependent . What do you think I should do.
Can you qualify for the NAVY loan repayment program AND the GI Bill?0- 등으로 다른 단어와2012-09-22 22:19:02
I am not getting straight answers , even recruiters . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First I was told that you have to choose between the two . Then I said you do not have to choose between the two , but you have to wait for your service to use the GI Bill . Finally , they said they would have to re-enlist after his service in order to get the GI bill at all ( assuming you also took the loan repayment program ) . I am very confused . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
If I enroll in the Army's Loan Repayment Program, can I also take advantage of the G.I. Bill later?0Derby2012-08-26 11:57:02
If you join the military and enroll in the Loan Repayment Program , do I take advantage of the GI Bill I can if I get another four years ? MedlinePlus I'm sure you have to refuse enrollment in the Montgomery GI Bill in writing , before his right to LRP , but is it permanent? MedlinePlus For example : If I have attended college and have an associates degree , but I'm thinking of joining the Army to help pay my student loans . If I decide to re-enlist after four years for another four years, I can then take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill or other military program to help pay for my bachelor's or master ?
Is it possible to use the Student Loan Repayment Program, then use the Gi bill for Grad School?1Arie2012-08-25 14:20:02
Can I use the Loan Repayment Program for Students, then use the GI Bill for Grad School ?
I used the Army Student Loan Repayment Program (LRP). Am I still eligible for the new Post 9/11 GI Bill?5JEFF2012-11-03 08:23:02
Currently I am an officer of the brand new Army serving in Fort Hood , Texas . I joined last year as the Army agreed to pay my student loans . Now I wonder if it would not be eligible for the new post 9/11 GI Bill to my master , if I serve another 36 months. I am fully aware of the details and I would appreciate if someone credible to help me! Thanks so much!
Can you switch from an online masters program to an in class program?1Niomi2012-09-05 21:27:04
I have a problem . I am now in my third year of my degree program in psychology at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I'm dating someone and we are very serious . The problem is that it is a year behind in school , so I will graduate before him . To get a decent job in the field of psychology that I need to get a master's degree . They have master's programs in psychology at my university and has neither the UNL ... So , did any of my future employers despise me if I take a year online master's program and then switch to a program in class? The other problem is that I do not have to pay back my school loans I have to stay in school and I did not want him in Lincoln itself . Can you divide a master like that, when you transfer money from online classes ?

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