Where can a 39 year old Hispanic veteran (US) get a college grant? related questions

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Where can a 39 year old Hispanic veteran (US) get a college grant?0colour word2012-10-08 04:53:41
I'm looking to return to school for my B.A. but the cash flow is very limited and loans can only go so far . I hear there's a lot of free money out there ( subsidies ) for education ...
Small business loan question...I am a Hispanic, Texas-resident, combat-veteran who would like to apply for a?0justjen932012-09-17 20:59:03
lending business . The problem I have is that I have no experience in this area . I am expected to graduate this year with a major in accounting. I have some business savy but I need help in this area . If anyone can help , I appreciate it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Keywords , Military , Army , Texas , Business , Loan , Minorities , VA , Disability , money , accounting, Hispanic, Mexican ,
Can a 88 year disable veteran still get a va loan without discrimination?2Lyndsay2012-10-16 05:43:03
I was wandering if my dad is honered use your voucher , or they will find any reason to reject the loan , he is helping me buy a home using your card never cashed in. He is 88 and I have a feeling they see as too old to repay the loan and denied .
Parent PLUS loans-do I need to take out a separate loan out for each year year my son is enrolled in college?0kissy2012-10-02 05:34:22
If so , are they considered separate or consolidated loans every time I take another loan ? In other words , if you graduate in four years I will have four separate loans or loans 1?
I've got a pell grant and it has covered my tuition for the year,?0....2012-10-27 14:04:31
but I need more money to help pay for supplies and gas and rent. So what I want to know is if my tuition is already covered by the scholarship ? I can get a federal student loan to pay for all my other expenses or other options . You can not get a private student loan because I have enough credit and I've tried with a co -signer with perfect credit and still refused , so I need other options .
Other than the sba, how would a hispanic female secure a 25,000.00 small business loan?0Hung2012-10-14 09:32:25
Apart from the SBA , how a Hispanic woman secure a small business loan 25000.00 ?
Hispanic with negative home equity and low-income - reason for loan approval?0suda2012-11-05 15:16:40
A home-equity loan was approved even though the home had negative-equity and the family was low-income(both can be proven). Lender did not consider the children as liabilities, even though the 1040 shows them. Husband is Hispanic and employed, wife is non-hispanic and she is unemployed. Wife was required to sign on mortgage and note as a condition of the loan, and she was listed as Hispanic even though she told the lender not to (lender then said he would have to do all paperwork over if he had to correct it). Lender overappraised the home and borrowers didn't realize this until much later. I think that maybe the lender had some kind of racial quota to make, and didn't care if the borrower could repay or not, since the Lender could take the property if the borrowers didn't pay. I am looking for reasons that a lender would have for doing this, and whether there is there are specific laws that prohibits it. It caused the borrower to default and lose the home, as they were not able to sell and repay the lender. Can someone cite any authority on this?
What is the maximum pell grant and federal student loans a person can get in one year as a freshman?0Kegan2012-10-25 22:31:49
What is the maximum Pell Grant and federal student loans that a person can get in a year as a freshman ?
College loan? Or try to pay cash I'm going to a 2 year college about $7k the hole degree without books?0Emil2012-09-19 23:33:03
I want to get a 2-year degree in Business Administration I am in this field from now and I know it will help me . I 'm quite good from now could pay some cash , but I will not cut into my savings account . I was just thinking of going cuz I work part time 45hrs a week . Any interest rate on student loans is the best way forward and what the rate from now ? I have a credit score of 700 who plans to start in August I'ma Assistant MGR from now and I know this will help me get promoted again with an increase of $ 20k .
How do i get a grant for college?0Draco2012-09-16 21:36:12
I am in desprate need of grant money for school .... i just do not know where to start ...... plenty of room and online scams apparently ...... does anyone knoe a place to go to or anywhere to go to get a loan .......
CAN i SUE A COLLEGE iF i STiLL HAVENT RECEiVED A GRANT?1Student - HELP!2012-10-04 15:27:02
I attended Florida College center in January this year. I was told I would receive a grant when I attended . i also had to pay a loan , but it is not currently in reimbursement b / c I did not have the money to pay . I can ? SEEK NOT SEND ME A GRANT ?
College loan and grant question!?0Chloe2012-11-03 11:32:55
I come from a low income family my parents are divorced i live with my mom and she is disabled so i can get alot of grant money for school. My question is if I fill for some grants and for a student loan and send my loan to my school. Will the grant money go to my school and then come to me to help pay my loan off. or will it go back to the goverment.I ask because I have a car that is on its last leg and I have to drive 40 miles 5 days a week for school. and i have a credit card bill that is long over due. as well as not being able to get a job because my nursing school schedule is not set in stone. So I am looking for a loan that I can use to pay bills and pay off later when i become an RN.......HELP PLEASE!

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