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Bank made mistake on car loan transaction now wants me to pay - really upset situation?2modal verb2012-08-22 21:46:02
We have a car owned by a distant relative living in the same house. The car was financed under the name Wells Fargo. Now you refinance with a bank savings and loan and put both his and my name on it. The bank approved the loan , we have signed a stack of papers , things went through. Yesterday they called saying they forgot to put the tax on the car. They said that despite the name of my relative still in the car, but since I added my name to it, is considered a sale, and according to the California DMV regulation, our relationship does not belong to a category for a transfer tax-free vehicle . They say we must pay taxes of $ 1052, either upfront or add it to the car in equity financing. Suddenly they want $ 1052, we are so unprepared , they have no money to pay. It's out of our plan and everything sucks . Now that the bank made ​​a mistake , which approved the loan, the documents signed , and because of their approval, we go another large amount of another loan at another bank. In addition, because of this problem , we also lose about $ 500 car insurance discount group per year ( only car insurance discount status ). What can we do to fight this credit union. They made a mistake not to disclose the tax for us and not add the tax to the transaction signed. We are very upset and want to fight . Thank you.
What recourse do I have with a bank that made a mistake on a "cosigned" loan?2kathie2012-10-06 03:58:03
Thee and half years ago, my father cosigned a loan for a car with me . We used a local credit union . The loan term is 4 years . Recently, my parents were doing some refinancing and found out that my dad was the only one on the loan ! I've been paying the loan for the entire time and never missed a payment . At the dealership to him and signed the papers . Even I have a letter from the dealership thanking both of us for our purchase . In fact from the beginning I managed with the bank to auto debit my checking account for monthly payment . Now they say that back when we asked the loan cosigned loans did . I hate to be cynical , but it's hard to believe that a lender did not co-sign in 2002 . It could also be a mistake by the dealer . Do I have any recourse with the credit union to update my credit history ? I want to stay out of court . At the same time , I could really slash need the benefit of an improvement in my credit score .
I am 19 years old and i made the mistake of taking a loan out for a car?1Stefani2012-09-21 15:41:04
Now I want to return just made ​​a payment for the car and I lost my job and I can not afford to make payments . after many months will have to tow the car away or I can call them and tell them the place that gave me the car. Should I give up or who delearship . i took the loan through delearship . I knoe ruin my credit , but at this point I stress to health , so please help me please 10 POINTS
What if a car loan place made a mistake on my credit?14th grade2012-11-05 04:43:02
In 2002 a car financed by a lender is repo'd 6 months later. but in my credit card did not put it as a repository that made ​​it seem like I made all my payments and the car was paid! ! I wanted to use it to finance another car for me that would be a good idea or will be able to switch to a repo on my credit if we find that the first mistake /
Would you be upset in the same business situation?2mountain2012-08-28 15:16:14
So here's the deal ... I mentioned the opening of a small business in the near future, after having more money saved for my boyfriend who has a full time job , but not long ago and has no money saved. How nice that he went and told his sister and spoke by phone with his father and his father offered to help start the business with $ 5000. But here's the deal ... He said his father said earnings are divided 50/50 between him and his sister. They do not have the first clue how to start a business and as it was my idea first, I spent hours researching , get quotes and all the information needed to start . I am very upset about the whole thing now and I told my boyfriend that the 50/50 without being included was BS! I am the one who can put more time and energy into the business because it will keep the job you have and your sister does not speak English very well and stays home with 3 children. She has little or no time to invest every day soooooo just because his father is lending the money (I've never asked in the first ) has the right to tell his son and daughter 50/50 and I have 0 and put more hours? Yes, so no matter how much we complain about it ... my boyfriend says ... " Well, that's what my dad says ." So I'm about to say that he, his sister and his dad is the goal where the sun does not shine without my help. Although his father is "loaning " the money that his father is the president, it will not work in the business and would be only "temporary" investors. I do not think I'm wrong for being upset ... What is your opinion and would be in the same situation?
I applied for a car loan from my credit union and made a mistake,i have not used it yet. is that bad?0Somer2012-09-04 12:11:03
The 26th of this month I applied for a car loan through my credit union for a used car that my boyfriend found online . I went to apply and without even realizing you accidentally thought a figure of how much I make . I completely forgot that they were going to do that . I originally approved amount . But yesterday , I have a new car and have my approval letter from my credit union. How I can fix what I did with my credit union and will this affect me in the long run ? My current car loan ends on 25 July this year . Please, I need some help . I
I consolidated my student loan, and I think I made a mistake. Any advice?1[email protected] citY 2012-10-15 13:04:03
My student loan was approx . $ 25,000 . My payments were over $ 300 a month . It should have been paid in six years . I was having a hard time making the monthly payments . I discussed my situation with the loan company by phone . They suggested that I consolidate my loan to reduce the monthly payments . It has established itself in the computer and signed electronically . They said it would take 30 days for approval and send me a letter with my scheduled payment plan . Well , I have received the letter and there is an accrual of $ 25,000. So I'm supposed to pay $ 25,000 for the loan + interest $ 25,000 for a total of $ 50,000. I'll be paying $ 200 a month for the next 20 years! My loan that must be repaid within five years will take 20 years to repay. I have to call the loan company and talk to them , but I'm not sure what to say . Any suggestions what I should do ?
I am sure my student loan consolidator made a mistake and the total is more than i should owe,?0Achillies2012-09-30 00:43:04
I consolidated my loans while still going to school about four years ago I consolidated three times with the same company , I was looking through my files on the NSS and I'm sure a mistake was made between the first and second consolidation as suddenly a difference of more than five thousand dollars in my actual loans , and the full consolidation and 90 % of my loans were subsidized , so interest could not account for five thousand dollars. after a second, managed to consolidate my loans again , now my loans are still detained with another company , and this company just tells me that they have nothing to do with it , I have to take it to the company that reconsolidated , I do not I feel it is my responsibility , on the one hand , and what good would it do anyway? If the company that owns the loan now wants to revise history and seems happy to celebrate you tell me , is there some kind of law or any process that can start on my own, which would determine the responsibility
I made a mistake on my financial aid..HELP?1lachelle mitchell2012-10-01 00:19:03
I applied online last June , first, my mom has been with my stepfather for 12 years but are not married (which in all reality I should not call him my stepfather ) . the first time I went to file taxes that told the tax preparer who were not married , but the tax preparer put then down as married even though he knew he should not. My mother and stepfather told the man that made not as married because it will cause problems in the future , such as fraud , etc , but boy did it anyway and has remained so ever since. So, last June when I applied for my FAFSA I made a terrible mistake . For this error I can not in college . According to the application ... when I was filling out the part where you are asked about the income of the parents , I put my mom as unique as long as she is not married to Martin (must be stepfather ) , and she does not have your name , I decided to put down as Uggh only big mistake. All this information goes to the IRS , they will think that my parents are doing fraud or something, that's why I have not received my EFC application and could not enroll in college and I can not yet . Is there a way I can fix APPLICATION ? WHAT IF APPLYING FOR ALTERNATIVE STUDENT LOAN ? I'm thinking that I SHOULD GET A STUDENT LOAN BANK . PLEASE HELP ...
I made a mistake and was fired, what should I do?2Rebekka2012-11-02 03:24:02
I have made a mistake is it fixable?0Jasona2012-08-12 00:36:03
I must admit I made a stupid mistake. Back in September I was a full time college student , but last April I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and have difficulty coping with excessive stress . I had started having panic attacks at school because the teaching load of a degree in liberal arts, how much he despised the awful classes , and the amount of pressure they gave me. The problem is that he decided to retire within the first 3 weeks of classes because I was going to a big jump down. I decided to try and find work, but have been unsuccessful so far. This is not to not look , I applied to every place you go , the jobs I've seen listed online, and have been on several interviews . People are looking for someone with a college degree. I always had the intention of returning . Finally I chose a spot that I know will be exciting and fun for me. I know I'll also be able to handle college because I have my anxiety under control. I am very willing to try again and this time take out a loan to pay for it . That will be covered again by the medical insurance from my mom because I will be a full time student . I will also study and work at my university to save money again. The problem is that I have fear that will not let me go back because I got in the first 3 weeks of school this past semester . I'll have to write an exemption as to my reasons for leaving and why I think I can handle right now. In my point of view on the left in terms of good reputation, because my GPA is 3.63. Do you think this problem can be fixed ? Do you think they'll let me back in ?
Collections please help I made a dumb mistake?0Denim312012-10-05 06:52:59
Ok like a fool , I went to rent a z 350 to 38,000. (only round ) I could not pay the bill , so I left . It just hit the desktop collection agency last month for the balance of 17,000 . They sold the car for 21,000 , so I'm stuck with the deficit . But not doing my research I called the agency and told them not reported and I paid $ 500 dollars in my checking account to keep it for 3-5 months while I get the 17,000 to pay them ( loan) . They agreed. Now , what do you think I should do? I do not know my options . I have no car and still want me to pay the loan . Moreover , nothing bad has reported on my credit. He asked me if I pay this in full how they will report it and was told that is not dependent NISSAN them and only deal with collect the debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, my report says 28,000 in credit and collection agency says I owe 17,000 ? So why show that

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