Starting a small business. Need help with where i should apply for government grants.? related questions

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Starting a small business. Need help with where i should apply for government grants.?0Victorine2012-10-08 01:29:09
I am located in a U.S. territory and we need your help if you know where I can get a loan or small government grants / funds to start a small business .
Where can I find free access to apply for government grants or small business loans?2Roderick2012-11-03 11:22:03
Where I can find free access to apply for government grants or loans for small businesses ?
When starting a small business, should I first apply for a loan or government loan before doing anything else?2Keza2012-10-09 23:27:03
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO SPAM or scams . I'M LOOKING FOR SERIOUS ANSWERS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am interested in starting a small business . I researched some loans , but I'm not sure if you should first apply for loans or business license or why.
Are there any government loans for women that are starting a business? If so where do I apply?1shakina2012-09-24 19:08:03
I just started my online business in and do not have the money to advertise , to party samples or order the magazines I need. I look online all the time for government grants and how to apply but instead I have to pay money every month to send me any information. Does anyone know where or what website or phone number that I have to contact to find out this information ? Your help will be appreciated more than you 'll ever know . Thank you very much for your time . MedlinePlus Sheila
Can you find grants or loans for starting a small business?2Brandis2012-10-25 17:33:48
I am a student with bad credit trying to start a trucking business . I am unemployed and do not see anywhy to alter my credit score and how I can find qwalify a grant or a loan ? a friend who started his own business , said ther out ther , but I can not find anything that applies directly to me . standerd more loans will not work becouse banks want co - singers , but my partner and the person willing only have a bad credit history so the bank keeps saying no. If anyone knows anything please!
Government grants for small business?1Meranda2012-10-01 01:57:02
I have the intention of having a small business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any way that the government can help me with a financial interest or just under any of the loans ?
Are there any small business government grants available in Ontario?0Comfort Emma2012-09-20 08:15:03
I have a business , but like any business is difficult to implement , especially since it has started not long ago . This is a successful company, but I am short of money . I live in Ontario , Canada . Does anyone know if grants or low-interest loans available from the Government of Ontario ?
Veteran trying to start small business needs help...grants loans anything at this point. Im just starting.?1swamp donkey 2012-10-20 09:14:03
I recently separated from the U.S. Army , And I'm looking to start a telemarketing business (do not worry its business to business , and is only called contractors and construction companies to assist in the sales of my parents supply company building) . Well, I need more information and direction. Does anyone know of a program that can help ? Perhaps state subsidies . Or really any useful advice would be greatly appreciated .
How do i find small business grants or government loans?1Milli2012-08-31 19:28:03
How I can find small business grants or loans from the government?
Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business?1House2012-09-21 18:49:02
I'm trying to get my home business to the next step , but do not have the capital to make it happen , for reasons beyond me from getting a loan . I have to be able to advertise and pay the fee of suppliers in various shows but most importantly we need to establish a real store for people to come and where I can work on my product in a more effective environment for my work .
How to get funding for a small business(government grants/loans)?2daran2012-10-19 22:01:02
So I have a pretty good idea for a business and they do not really need a lot of initial capital . I do not think is good enough to win a prize , so do not think I would win any challenge pepsi or whatever . But only for a regular retail online , how can I get funding . I thought I heard that the government help with donations or loans because they want to encourage small businesses . And , if you can , I can get some resources ? Like links to websites not money itself haha. Probably only need between 5 - 10k at most .
Government grants/ small business startup loans....?0Erica2012-09-17 04:24:05
I have a business plan and a building chosen that I would buy . I've looked at several websites including and to find a way to get the money I need , and I have not had much luck . I'd love to get a scholarship , but it is really hard to find grants that qualify. I have horrible credit , so a loan will also be hard to get unless you can find a way to obtain financing on anything but my own personal credit history . I have not anyone to co - sign for me, either . However, I am confident that my business will be successful, due to the fact that I have absolutely no competition whatsoever in my area . Also I have a business plan and a unique sound and some very good ideas . Has anyone here ever gotten a grant for this purpose? How about a business loan with bad credit ? Any idea ? Any information helps ! Thank you all ! !

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