Where do I get the papers to modify my divorce decree?

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In my divorce , my ex husband has the car and the car loan in the divorce decree . It's been over a year and the car is still registered under my name and my name is on the loan . I can not get my name off the loan without him refinance or pay it off . I'm getting traffic tickets violation of what the car is doing . I want to change my decree of court order he has to do these things because I've been begging him all this time to do it . I want a new car loan with my credit , it looks like you have too much financial obligation . I called the courthouse and the lady told me I had to pay for another divorce and send a money order and ways to modify the decree , but when I asked where to get these forms are said to find out myself. Please help me I'm so tired of this I am a full time student and I can afford a lawyer , but it would be extremely inconvenient . thank you
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legal zoom and use dot com
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