Is it possible to consolidate a first mortgage and a home equity line of credit into one fixed rate loan? related questions

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Is it possible to consolidate a first mortgage and a home equity line of credit into one fixed rate loan?0sayra2012-10-07 22:33:07
Is it possible to consolidate a first mortgage and an equity line of credit into a fixed rate loan ?
Want to consolidate my debt to make one payment .Should I get a Home Equity Line or Loan of credit?2lucindia2012-10-26 19:21:05
I have $ 45,000.00 in credit card debt . MedlinePlus I'm worried about getting equity with lower starting rate because I can end up paying a lot at the same time , I will not achieve equity with a higher rate because although it is a fixed rate that still have to pay more than I can negotiate.
Home Equity Line of Credit or Mortgage?1zane2012-10-04 02:11:02
I moved to the family home shortly before my mother died . The house has no debt on it ( but very high ceilings taxes ). It is in great need of repair (eg plumbing leaks crazy, antiquated electrical ), but I am a recent college graduate with a good amount of loan debt and almost no cash to work with. I'm trying to decide between a mortgage b / c the interest rate is fixed ( or at least more stable ) or a HELOC because they want to borrow more than the cost of repairs , but those that are difficult to estimate up front. My plan is to rent the house after the reforms to repay the loan and other expenses of the house, keep the house as equity , while I live elsewhere.
Adjustable rate vs fixed 7.57% home equity loan?0Morgana2012-11-02 20:06:09
I have a fixed rate 64000 line of credit at 7.57%. With the resent rate decrease the adjustable rate I can transfer it to is at 5.8%. Tuesday they may lower it .5 - 1% more. Would it be worth transfering it to adjustable rate. I would save around 100 a month on interest that I would apply to the principle. Also how long will the lower rates remain and would they increase it slowely so a person would be able to relock in at a lower rate?
Should I refinance at [email protected] (fixed rate). I am paying 6.5 now or should I take home equity loan at 5.25%?0Tillie2012-11-03 01:32:27
I owe approx 100k. I am not sure which way is better for tax.
Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans online?1Vision/ Help2012-10-13 18:03:03
Wheres a good place to get a fixed rate mortgage loans money online ?
Which is better? Refinance, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit? To buy a car and remodel home.?1taleen2012-10-06 01:43:03
Which is better ? Refinance , home equity loan or home equity line of credit ? To buy a car home and remodeling . ?
Is a Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan used to buy a second home tax deductible beyond $100,000?0confidence2012-11-03 06:41:28
Would a Home Equity Line of Credit or loan used to buy a home be considered a Home Aquisition Debt instead of a Home Equity Debt?
Is there difference between interest on a Home Equity Line of Credit and interest on a Mortgage?0Mamabrenda2012-11-02 15:06:08
For Income tax purposes
I have a 20, 000 line of credit with bank of america, is this better than a home equity line of credit?0rose- (Ms. Sue)2012-10-13 11:51:20
What I love about this unsecured loan is : 1. That is not insured 2. You can have as cash available
What is better, home equity loan or line of credit on home I own outright?1reisom2012-10-05 15:45:03
I just finished building my house and I have no mortgage or anything as I had enough money to buy the land and build completely. But I have no money for the landscape and some medical bills that I would bear fruit. ? I can get a loan or a line of credit of my home? Which is better ?
Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit or a Personal Loan?0josy2012-09-14 21:10:05
A newborn baby entered our lives and before his birth , I had a bit of credit card debt that should have been taken care of and was not. My wife is working part-time rather than full time, it has been very difficult . Our debt is not improving . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We borrowed money from his immediate family to buy our house so that the loan is a low APR is not technically on our credit. We still have to consolidate our debt (credit cards , car loans , etc. ..) , but not sure which way to go . Sounds like a home equity loan is the best option because the APR is generally fixed and Typcial is like a loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you have any suggestions for us ? We do not want to damage our credit so we have to make the best choice . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !

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