Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile?

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I know a lot of people that have formed lasting relationships online . Personally , I have always been reluctant to try online dating . However, now that I'm in my 30s, workaholic interest (student loans ) , and have lost everything , but in the club scene , I decided to give it a try . I completed my profile description and uploaded a couple of photos a month ago , but I have not been getting positive responses . Not to sound presumptuous , but I consider myself a little above average in terms of physical appearance . So the only thing that can be attributed to the lack of positive responses would be my profile description . I hope I can get some good advice on how to write the perfect profile description . What women look in a profile ? Dislikes ? What I can put in my profile that would make a woman really wants to answer . What should I include or leave out when writing about my ideal partner? SWM 'm in my 30s . I'm looking for specific answers , not general suggestions .

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