How many credit report inquiries is too many - and could I qualify for a car loan?

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Hi all ! I am fairly new to credit and I'm just looking for some opinions , suggestions and / or advice . More than 3 months when you apply for credit they said I had too many recent research on my own! When I looked at my " annualcreditreport " I had 21 inquiries in the last two years . Look, when I turned 18 I applying for credit. No one would let me no , so I kept applying places until I got one. After 10 months, had decided to go for another . It took several more tries, but I have another ! I then was trying to get a small loan ( 2k ) for my first car , applied in several places and ended up doing buy- here , pay here . Then a couple of months later tried to claim a credit for furniture and received this response . And again when he applied for a new credit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How long should I wait before applying for credit again? It's been 3 months now . As these requests , I have been doing three times more at work ( now at $ 22k/yr ) , have received student loans ( $ 4000 ) and have been keeping very good credit history with my two credit cards , bank account (3 years ) and cell phone bill . I'm looking to get a loan for a new car , do you think this could be possible? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will I be probably denied? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry for the multiple questions , but they are all related . Too many inquiries can not make me get car loan ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not try to claim a credit if I will deny. Automated services seem to look deeply and just take a quick look at your report.
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I have experienced the same thing. What u need to keep in mind is that inquiries that are on your credit report remain there for about 2 years.Therefore, your credit report should be clear of all 21 of those inquiries by then. That should boost your credit score. So my advice would be to keep the cards you have already and remain in good standing like you have been.Dont apply for any credit or loans until u reach a pretty good score.The only reason is because applying for too many cards makes you look desperate and irresponsible. good luck!
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