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How do I start a machine shop?0eliza dare132012-10-07 05:11:20
My father has worked in a large production plant lifetime , one of my uncles has done the same and a third man has become a sales representative for a tool manufacturing company big around $ 150,000 a year . We were talking about starting our own store , buying two to three screw machines . We understand that most of the details of running a store , but do not know where to start as far as loans and jobs go . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It could ruin the rest of our lives if the business collapses after obtaining small business loans ? MedlinePlus How do you do to get in line early work ?
How do I start my own vending machine business?3lida2012-11-02 10:06:02
I live in Montana and the need to apply for a small business loan or grant. What are my steps? What can you tell me about having my own business Vening machine ?
I would like to start my own flower shop business?3Edwii2012-10-20 22:51:01
I am 52yrs female . age , does not have much money to work , but I am well informed about the flowers . Never had my own business, maybe a small business loan.But how to get it and how to qualify a problem. I do not know how. So I'll need to get it going . Coolers etc. I have a place to rent . Any information is appreciated. Women out there have done the same ? ? ? ?
I need advice on opening a shop where should i start?1fazilah edwin2012-08-31 15:32:05
I need advice on opening a hobby store ? MedlinePlus these are my favorit things to know about the most . and understand that this is a business . so yeah fun business law first second , so I do know and it takes up a lot and is very, very slow . But I have the time for it why not right . and I have people who are willing to help as much as possible so my point being is that I need some advice as to what forms im going to have to meet if I take a small business loan , and what other forms everything should be legal and good. Then I can get help?
How do I get funding/grant/loan for a new start-up online shop?0Joshua B2012-09-24 10:18:02
I would throw my own shoe website . Are my only options for a bank loan ? If so , how will it be easy to get one ? I need some
Should i try to start a small gift shop business in this economy.?2AL 922012-10-09 23:03:02
I've always wanted to have my own store of some sort, but never knew how or had the money to get it . I recently started making floral arrangements and jewelry. I enjoy . I would open a gift shop and sell all kinds of things and I like to buy other things wholesale and sale as well. My family does not think it will do so because of the economy and that we live in a very small area . I spent about $ 400 on supplies and doing things . I've only sold 6 items . I sold them by posting some of my work on Facebook . I have a little money of my own I could invest in finding my dream , but not much and I will not borrow . I am very distressed about this and I need some opinions from other people who have had similar situations or know much about this business , do not expect to get rich from this, but would like to earn a steady income from it while doing something I like .
How do I get a small business loan to start a wood-working shop.?1Nidia2012-10-01 15:28:02
How I can get a small business loan to start a workshop for woodworking . ?
I wish to help a friend in Viet Nam get a microloan to start her small business, a coffee shop. How do I help?1b renda2012-09-10 12:57:02
My friend Oanh is near the city of Da Lat, Lam Dong province , in south central Vietnam. I'd like to help her find an NGO that makes Vietnamese microfinance and begin the process of refining its business plan small and micro borrow . I am asking for help finding NGOs engaged in microfinance in Viet Nam , as well as finding similar NGOs to help poor women not only to obtain a loan , but also assist in the planning and running your small business . For Oanh , your goal is to open a small coffee shop to let him keep his immediate family - a younger sister and father, neither of whom are able to work at present - in a dignified and responsible . My desire is to help my friend Oanh pursue its objective , therefore allowing you to keep your family in a positive way . I am new to microfinance in Vietnam and would appreciate any guidance provided that allows me to help a dear friend and special woman in Oanh . Thank you !
How do I get a small business loan to start a baseball card shop? I want to borrow less than $25,000?1Keysha2012-10-24 22:42:49
I have about $ 30,000 work of individual Sportscards , including time and post players . I have a shop in mind, we have been working with the Small Business Center and SBA SD and implement monthly worksheets . I know what the utilities , inventory , rent , startup money and advertising costs are . I have also lined cabinets and shelves . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in a city that thrives on tourism , we have several local people who are professional sports stars and the gas crisis we are 2 hours or more away from the nearest shops in other cities . I want to start part-time with my wife in daytime functioning . Sportscard shops I have ran in the past , have knowledge of retail and I am a graphic designer by profession ( I can design my own business cards , ads and signs in stores too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have access to about $ 3,000 in startup money. I will also add online sales at retail during the traditionally slow months ( January to April ) . What other suggestions anyone can provide ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus mike
How hard is it to get a small business loan? I'm a young entrepreneur and want to start my own mechanic shop.1Econo-missed2012-08-30 19:08:03
How hard is to get a small business loan ? I am a young entrepreneur and want to start my own garage .
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How would your own answering machine work?1cortez2012-10-10 00:58:01
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