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How to secretly gauge ears?1Jasmin Romo2012-10-15 16:01:02
My mother is a meddler total. I have my ears pierced 6 weeks ago and I'll get a second hole in brief ( he would not mind that) . What matters is the ear stretching . I would not have asked if she could because 99% will not. I think this because before Christmas I was buying candles online friend , so I needed his card and told me not to , because I " have to ask her father first." Then , before my friend lent me some money at the mall to buy meters , and later she became angry " I do not think I should have bought it without parental consent " but reeally want , and if I go too big I can always shrink a little later . Honestly , I just want a 6G . That's it. MedlinePlus but I fear it will do what I wear earrings, or you will buy some from me and I did not e able to use them , and I will be discovered . MedlinePlus if she buys me asparagus could always use the second hole , but if it comes to buying rings me or something, I'll be screwed. MedlinePlus advice?
Was husband secretly planning a divorce?0Whosthatgirl2012-10-03 10:05:45
In 2005, my husband took out two loans to buy our house. A couple of years later, then wanted to refinance to pay off some bills. I've been hearing that for years with each refinancing in our house the past and still have bills. I asked if he knew the man in the place we were going to refinance. He had been talking to him for a week before I knew. I guess it was to refinance in his name, but he had a lot of debt, so I asked to refinance in my name. I was a housewife-mother out of work and 750 credit score. When we got there, he knew the man. Not a business in town or in another state, but of his own company. He swore he did not know it was him. Well, since there is a surname of each (type of mortgage / ours) in our city, I knew I was lying. I finished signing all the papers in my name on a face down (200,000 to be exact) at home due to declining home values. Then a few months passed and the mortgage company is calling - were willing to send a letter of foreclosure on our home. I asked my husband why let the payments go and I said because I had to keep accounts. A letter arrives from what I thought was the IRS. He said we should tax $ 8,000. I called the IRS and the man on the phone said they had no record of it. Then he said he had been informed that my husband made $ 108,000 less and a check written to cover it for $ 30,000. I called my husband and he admitted that he owed me money acquires hid. I did not know signing a false tax return. Now was $ 8,000 for the state. I asked where the $ 108,000 came and pushed - blew a hole in the wall. The announcement said that the close of the business day would be our home in foreclosure. It was the day after and finally paid in full. He said he borrowed money from someone. I've been searching for equity has been stripped of all we have - the cars, my daughter's car, retirement, etc. There was no money to spare. He says he does not play well when I confronted him why everything was stripped. So what do you think is the reason for all this? Oh, and joined adult friend finder, webcams nasty, paid for sex chat, etc. He said that he was not cheating and not planning to leave me. WTheck? I need to hear from people outside this situation. I have to stop letting love 23 years on the road (love is blind) Oh, what's going on.
How often should I have my ears cleaned?12021-07-12 03:34:14
Up to my ears in debt. what is bankruptcy?2juhi2012-09-12 07:45:08
What is bankruptcy ? MedlinePlus I have 20 years old with some debt in my opinion . MedlinePlus I have a credit card $ 5,000.00 has not been paid in about 6 months. MedlinePlus I have a contract for Bell Mobility Turbo Memory , thought it was good at first until my second bill was over $ 600.00 that was a year ago and now is in collections . MedlinePlus I had a contract with two cell phones in my name , the other person screwed me and my bill was 1100.00 for both accounts the phones were disconnected and I put $ 50.00 in the account every two weeks, but it was not good enough , you're now in collections ... I know it was not the minimum payment , but I did what I could ... I have a student loan $ 5000.00 for a course that I can not get a job for ... payments were made on December 31 and I did make the payment and there are arrangements for the total amount of 80.00 out each month . I'm working full time making minimum wage .. I'd go back to school , but I can not just now , I even had to move back in with my parents and they are charging me 300.00 rent every month. I rented a car and could not afford and my parents took over the lease and pay for the two months I was late .. I rented a car , because when I graduated I did find a decent temporary work , but after 3 months they let me go ... Just do not know what to do .. the step I 'll never be able to own anything ...

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