How to secretly gauge ears?

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Jasmin Romo
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My mother is a meddler total. I have my ears pierced 6 weeks ago and I'll get a second hole in brief ( he would not mind that) . What matters is the ear stretching . I would not have asked if she could because 99% will not. I think this because before Christmas I was buying candles online friend , so I needed his card and told me not to , because I " have to ask her father first." Then , before my friend lent me some money at the mall to buy meters , and later she became angry " I do not think I should have bought it without parental consent "
but reeally want , and if I go too big I can always shrink a little later . Honestly , I just want a 6G . That's it. MedlinePlus but I fear it will do what I wear earrings, or you will buy some from me and I did not e able to use them , and I will be discovered . MedlinePlus if she buys me asparagus could always use the second hole , but if it comes to buying rings me or something, I'll be screwed. MedlinePlus advice?
Answer1vera ( i need someone to check itAnswered at 2012-10-15 15:59:20
does not sound like throwing say no. and MedlinePlus if u really wana do it then just do not care waht says cause ur body , not hers ( : MedlinePlus sounds like he's mad because u did not ask first if his parents were fine with it . MedlinePlus Not that I did not like or anything yeaah . MedlinePlus just do it and if he finds out then oh well, I mean it's not a big problem 6 arent really that great in the first place. MedlinePlus good luck ( :
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