If person is unable to paycredit card cash advance money? non repayment of debt? related questions

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If person is unable to paycredit card cash advance money? non repayment of debt?0Kelon2012-10-07 01:52:26
if a person has withdrawn the amount of credit and gift cards have the ability to repay the loan which would be the legal consiquencies may suffer , any idea about the law of debt repayment and not what the definetion simon ( warrant) . and the amount of credit history is necessory for one person. MedlinePlus any fine or presonment can give a person on account of repayment of the debt or not
Has anyone been unable to pay back one of them cash advance places what happens?3 ˉ cold and cool -2012-09-17 03:07:04
My paychecks began collecting DNA beign garnished sum bill that the site could not pay back cash advance .. I had two accounts of a developed a payment agreement the other is not what will happen already tried to cash my checks, but was a no go. How long before they take the court met O? and get back 3 or 4 times what your loan is
If you're unable to pay a payday loan (cash advance), what action does this result in? (see details)?1LV2012-10-25 08:47:48
( in Virginia ) MedlinePlus Does result in a civil case ( law suit ) , or may be criminal charges against him for writing a bad check?
If I am unable to pay a cash advance loan that was deposited into my bank account can I be arrested/go to jail?1Peggy2012-10-17 03:43:03
If I can not pay a cash advance loan that was deposited into my bank account I can be arrested / go to jail ?
How can I get cash from my credit card without using a cash advance?1Lily2012-09-30 13:53:03
I want to buy a car and I have more than enough credit line on my credit card so that instead of getting a car loan , I want to " load " to my credit card 0% for 1 year ... I can do this somewhere ... how to get money from somewhere or somehow on my credit card ? Thank you !
Loan or cash advance from credit card?0voytek2012-09-06 12:35:03
I need a loan for $ 8000. I have plans to apply for a personal loan from Wells Fargo or use Lending Club or Prosper . I can definitely pay off $ 8,000 in a year or two . I have a good credit score , so my interest rate should not be too high for a loan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, my friend just suggested that I just opened a credit card with 0 % interest for the first 12 to 18 months and have $ 8000 cash advance. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? Any other suggestions ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes I would qualify for loans above and credit card .
What are the downfalls to a cash advance on a credit card?0Lyri2012-10-10 22:15:41
I need a $ 3,000 loan for a car , but my mom says that to avoid insurance coverage , these things get cash advance credit card in the mail at all times where you can take 3000 card credit after paying , but do not know if my mother knows she is talking hat , because I will not be paying this to the next 10 years
Can my credit card be charge a cash advance without enter in pin #?1.........................................2012-08-15 20:18:03
I made a payment to a supplier to someone using my credit card . Now, my card was charged as a " cash advance " for that transaction. I wonder what will be my charge card as a cash advance when there have been no pin number. I had to pay the upfront cash to my bank to this.Why ? I call my bank told me some of the load of the machine as a cash advance business but I do not understand. Can anyone break down to me. I've never done a cash advance on any credit card. I never will. My understanding is that I told the dealer "credit" . I did not say debit . If I 've said , I have no debit to enter my PIN? You think anybody thinks I should play this role ? The cash advance fee of $ 15 is hard to find for me. Moreover, it was my payment , I was making a payment to another person. I thought my charge card as a purchase . I paid several dealers , local loan company and never charged a cash advance fee . Can someone explain ?
I want to balance transfer a cash advance on another credit card.?0avin emami2012-10-12 13:38:53
I'm thinking of buying a car to
If you want to buy a car on a credit card - would the dealer treat it as a cash advance?1erka2012-10-07 09:53:03
It would be a 0% card for the first 6 months. Plan to pay in four months in total. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Having a cd which expires soon , the car is a new small ford focus - . Manual transmission MedlinePlus I do not want to finance this car with a loan . MedlinePlus But do not want to pay the advance .
Business Cash Advance on Future Credit Card Sales? How should I go with?0Ndivhuwo2012-09-04 23:07:08
I own a hotel and have had a hard time getting a business loan . I searched the Internet and read about cash advances on future credit card sales . My average monthly sales cc in the last 12 months is $ 17,000, where I can get the advance cash cc better ? I was hoping for $ 25,000 , there is a company that will do more than the monthly average ? thanks

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