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Should I report my father for unemployment fraud and tax fraud?0SAPPHIRE2012-10-12 13:27:46
I wondered if, in the circumstances it would be morally right or wrong just report my father? I know that at first glance the question seems a little fucked up, but please, read the situation before making a comment! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I lived with my grandmother when I was a kid because my mother died when I was 5 years old and my father did not want me at the time, so I lived with my grandmother ID until I was 13. My father went and demanded that I returned to California to live with him after my grandmother asked my dad help with the maintenance, so they returned to California to live with him at age 13. MedlinePlus I lived with my father until I was 16 when he left school and moved to Arizona in search of work (also to escape from a situation that I felt at that time was very abusive mentally)! While in Arizona finished my GED and worked as a welder when my grandmother died, leaving my younger brother (12 years), with no place to go and no one in our family choose to take care of him, so I asked him to come to live with me (at the time I was 17). When I turned 18 I went to real estate school to become a real estate agent (BSNs was to be in the moment lol) and did so until the market crashed and was out of work! At that time I was involved in an investment that went wrong and lost most everything in a property. So at 21 I was at a loss for what to do with a child of 16 years, basically, no job and little money to feed myself and still pay for our house, I called my father and asked if we could move to place for a bit until I stand! He said yes, as long as I put it as an endorsement of my car (2003 BMW) so you can have some assurance if something is stolen or broken while im there. So being in the situation where I was and moved according to their place! 2 weeks later we moved to my younger brother did not like how my father treated me and how he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time, so he decided to go back to my father telling his girlfriend about his affair ... my dad explained his way out of it and both my brother and I where kicked because his girlfriend was not comfortable being with us more (his girlfriend was a girl I personally went to high school with! then was 19) then took my keys out of my car and hid my car! when I called the police who came out and said that because he is a part owner in the car, they can do nothing because it has no equal participation and the only way to recover the car would be in civil court (fee for the filing of the demand was more than $ 200 that I had! So no money and no place to go he had no choice but to send my brother to my aunts house (she was willing to help him at this point) and I moved again to find a cheap place to work! After two years of jumping from place to place trying to find my balance and a stable job that was back asking my dad if I could move again because he was no longer with his girlfriend and had an extra room ... He agreed for $ 700 per month in rent! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So now I'm 23 years working as a photographer Barly doing enough to survive and keep looking for a safer job, I found out last week that my dad (he's a lawyer) has not been paying the mortgage, is behind almost 80k and they are talking forclosing at home! This would not be a problem if not for the fact that I have been what you pay each month and has been spending the holidays with a new 20-year-old Russian girl almost every two weeks, taking it to miami, vegas, desert hot springs , new york, not ect (about 7-8 vacation last 6 months), who also works as a lawyer on the side, report any portion of their earnings to normal. and collecting unemployment at the rate of 440 a week last year and not pay taxes on their practice of law! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last month fell short in my part of the rent for $ 150 because I had to go out and get a loan for a motorcycle (my car has not been returned to me, one of her friends in Arizona is currently conducting) and I still had to do most of the payments because he rejects it mostly and I do not need any more dings on my credit card! I offered to sign him the car as a whole to get my name and just call it a loss, but your credit is not compatible with its status as principal of the loan, and will not pay the car that says "im not going to buy a car, taht will teach? "and being short the $ 150 my father started getting pissed and tells me to get out of his house and he is going to leave the house to go anyway and that the forclosure happen, he says I'm a loser, a kitten, and tell me im a piece of **** because I am employed at the moment and I can bear Barly! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still, said taht My opinion is I'm tired of protecting him when their customers call asking for him, when he should be working on their cases, but instead is in miami, or convince my little sister
Car Loan Fraud...Can you help?1Guardian Angel 2012-10-09 03:12:02
Well , I checked my credit two years ago and had a lot of things in my name . Different spelling of my name , social right direction , wrong phone numbers and etc. .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , I had a car loan in my name through a credit union in my town . What happens is that I have never applied for a car loan and I was only 15 and would not even have been old enough to get a loan . I have since lowered my credit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question ( s ) is I can contact the local bank and see if I can provide information on the loan that was being carried out in my name ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? I can file a complaint against the person who carried out the loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any information will help. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Dealer Car Loan Fraud?2Laurdin2012-08-14 20:05:02
I recently bought a car. I told the seller during the discussions that would pay with my credit cards . At the closing you will be asked to complete a loan application - in which I place my income of $ 3,200 last year as I'm self-employed and that's what I did. This year was actually worse . Why did you complete the application had no idea. The finance person then told me I could not put my purchase on my credit cards - that the seller probably should have told me - but I was offered a loan at 0% for 24 months. One must be careful about both what is " too good " , but accepted it anyway. Since taking up the car I've had nothing but problems with the dealer. When talking to another dealer said yesterday that the only way I could have qualified for the loan if the original dealer changed the $ 3,200 to something like $ 53,200 . I know this is a fraud against the lender , but does not seem to care. Is there anything I can do ?
Payday loan fraud, what do I do?0s11752012-11-05 19:03:49
Whilst I was away from my university address I was having some building work done. When i returned 2 weeks later nothing was out of the ordinary. A month later i recieved a letter from 2 payday loan company's saying that i owed them over 1500 pounds. So i went to the bank and it became clear that someone had taken out a loan with my name and address and bank details and withdrawn the money using my card. The original letter with the pins may have been stored away in my room somewhere, I cant remember what i did with them. However noone will investigate this, the police say its civil and therefore up to the bank to deal with, however they are saying that they feel as if i must have given my details to someone ratrher than them being stolen so they have closed their fraud investigation all together. I have no idea what to do and I have no money whatsoever, for the next year I am working in a school unpaid on a uni placement. What do I do? how to I prove that i am innocent and that I did not take put these loans? please help, thanks
Car loan settlement Fraud?0Solean2012-09-15 04:30:03
Hi guys , I have a TATA Indigo car that my father bought in 2007 . Unfortunately , my father passed away in April 2009 . After which I asked TATA Motors Finance to make full and final settlement of the remaining loan amount . I made the payment of F & F on July 18, 2009 . I have not received the NOC so far. when I spoke to customer TATA Motors , told me that loan is not completed yet and some amount is still pending. I talked to one of my friend about this. He is telling me that this is fraud. Full and final settlement of car loans never happens . you must file a lawsuit against TATA Motors Finance . I also talked to Tata Motors financial executive who made ​​settlement with me . He is saying that there is fraud not only takes a little time and get NOC soon . He also said that if you want to know then you can come to the office of Tata Motors Finance also . I have a letter of full and final settlement of TATA Motors , finance and reception for the payment I made. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please let me know if anyone has faced this before and how long it takes to get the NOC .
Fraud with family, how do you get out of a loan for a car that's not in your name?2suvy2012-09-11 19:53:03
My aunt ask my mom to help finance a car . I'm sure if the car loan is in my mom or aunts name , but now my mother is stuck with paying a loan of 12,000 . It is the season of income tax and she can not get money for the loan acr . What should you do? Does anyone know someone who can help us ? My aunt has also changed the plates to the car and all these other things my mother has done and is stuck with paying everything. I think this is unfair , and how working for something like this happen to her is unfortunate . Any advice ?
How to get out of a car loan?, dealer fraud?0shea2012-09-05 18:34:05
I just bought a used car about 2 weeks , the car loan was about $ 25,000 in total, they told me they would give $ 2,000 to trade in my car , but now that I look back on documents only pay the car loan and gave me nothing for the car. Also, was not able to get the loan , so I said if I cosign and if I do all the payments on time I can refinance the car under my own name within 6 months. I called the bank that financed the car and i was told there was not even a guarantee . Finally , the bank changed the amount of money my friend did a year of the application so they could get the loan through .. What I can do about it ?
Accused of Student Loan Fraud What do I do???0kiearia2012-11-03 18:36:15
My cosignor agreed to open up a Sallie Mae Private Signature student loan for me so that I could attend college. The loan amont was originally 12,500. I attended AIU in Buckhead, GA. It was a complete rip-off and the students were given false info about the school. It was a private over priced college that promises students resources that they do not have. I attended the school for 2 quarters and was forced to go home because I didnt qualify for anymore loans to cover the rest of my education. Well, now I am back in baltimore and I arrived here in 2008 and it was a very tough time for me because I had no job, no place to live, I didnt have anything. So I tried to put my loan on deferment after the 6 month time frame they give you regardless if you graduate or not. But then I recieved a letter in the mail from sallie mae accusing me of opening up the loan without my cosigner's consent. This is absolutely ridiculous that they put people through this but I would never open a loan up in someone else name just to go to college..NEVER!!! So after they accused me with just a letter (I saw no police reports and there was no investigation done) they denied me for any deferments or forbearances and demanded that the loan be paid in full. Of course I could not pay them back or make any payments at the moment because I was unemployed and homeless. Of course my loan defaulted because of this, but they do not care at all. I need some help or someone that can lead to someone who could assist me with this because I know I can sue Sallie Mae for falsely accusing me of fraud which resulted in me defaulting on my loan. Plz Plz help these people are trying to ruin my future and noone seems to want to help me!!!!!!!
Fraud on un secured loan by a relitve?1☻i♥zee☻-rfm2012-11-02 18:22:01
I 've heard that my brother has taken an unsecured loan in my name older mothers to finance a car for himself , however , would not have come to light had it not been keeping up with the payments .
Can you be charged for fraud over a cash loan?0KATHY >> PLEASE HELP2012-10-10 05:39:17
I made a cash loan online payday a few years ago . Was mail through Internet . Well , things went wrong and I have my negative current account and the bank closed the account . When the loan instead tried to get the money he owed , the account was closed . This was in January 2010 . Today I received a call from a law firm , speaking of fraud , and sending me to court. Is this really possible?
Someone Fraud-elated my signature on a loan?0 〃 Shang . ● 2012-09-18 20:46:03
Hi all, MedlinePlus Does anyone know if I am responsible for the differential balance on my car loan after signing the contract is not really mine? Here's what happened: MedlinePlus I am financing a car and through my financial distress stopped paying for it. I own up to my responsibility and my dear negotiate financing terms through a contracted company . I signed a release form third party sent my finance company . MedlinePlus They said that the signature could not be verified and that is not mine . I signed the contract at the dealership , but the financial institution has what I did not sign ! Someone signed and filled it too . MedlinePlus I volunteerly repoed my car . MedlinePlus This company has an internal fraud going on and I'm 100 % innocent in all this . MedlinePlus You think you can win this case by hiring a lawyer when the bank will try to take me to court for the balance left on the loan ? MedlinePlus thanks
Loan Servicer Committed Fraud?3Tank2012-11-05 08:59:02
I think my mortgage servicer fraud committed when the loan originated three years ago. My and my husband nor I had income. We moved to the "promise" of a job for him only a letter from your prospective employer stating that he was going to pay. At the time of closing, the bank has the appraiser to inflate the appraisal to secure the loan , and have been under water since purchase . We have lost jobs twice, and this is killing us. Among the note we had in our old house and new house there was over $ 700k of debt on unverified income $ 150k gross . Was this fraud ? If so , what I can do?

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