I would like to get out from under a car payment. The intrest rate is high? related questions

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I would like to get out from under a car payment. The intrest rate is high?1Allard2012-11-05 19:53:02
I'd like to get out from under a car payment . The intrest rate is high . The loan amount is owing more than the car is worth now . Is it possible to sell the car myself and have the buyer take over payments ( probably want to refinance to a lower rate ) . What steps should I take to do this ?
What is your intrest rate on your car? I want to try to lower my car payment.?3handrielle2012-09-13 03:41:02
Is so high , I'm just doing. What the banks or credit unions recommend me to refinance a loan through the vehicles?
Any one know a bank that will give me a loan to consolidate a few thousand in high intrest payday loans?4flor2012-10-09 03:02:02
Everyone knows that a bank will give me a loan to consolidate a few thousand in high payday loans intrest ? I have fair credit , score 620, but my bank used to give me one and I prefer online providers any way.
How do I get a better intrest rate on car loan?1Reyna2012-09-21 15:48:03
my credit score is 590 and credit has no bad hits just extended with school loans and car PMT now ...... What I can do to get a low intrest rate or good refinance rate ?
High risk/high interest rate loans?How to obtain?0ari2012-08-21 13:04:25
Hello , MedlinePlus I am looking for some funding to a serious project . MedlinePlus I have a credit account mediocre and I have 19 . MedlinePlus I am looking for lenders willing to loan with subprime loans despite interest rates . MedlinePlus I'm looking around 100k in funding , venture capital is not a solution . MedlinePlus It can be anything , credit cards , personal consumption loans , car loans , etc MedlinePlus Any ideas on how to get this kind of capital? MedlinePlus Are banks able to check how many credit cards that I have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Old Student Loan; Old Consolidation; High Interest; High Payment; No OUT?0Mathew2012-08-18 09:36:29
Which consolidated my student loans through Sallie Mae several years ago ( before the reduction of the interest rate very well). I can not reconsolidate . Is there anything else I can do to lower my payments ?
I am looking out for a car loan with the low installements and low intrest rate?0Godfred2012-10-05 13:35:52
I am looking out for a car loan with low installements and low intrest rate ?
What intrest rate can i expect??? car loan?1aalyssa2012-09-14 15:48:05
Hi ... so I called the dealer about a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali with 103,000 miles and was told to apply for a loan from the web existence . I did and emaild and said it was approved . Now , before making the hour drive to see the truck I want to know what intrest rate not going to hit me with all I can say is that I have very little credit credit certainly is not bad . Now whate rate what you think is wrong and get you call the dealer would be willing to tell me before entering ? Thanks ahead of time guys
What is a bad intrest rate for a credit card?0Agnus2012-09-28 23:26:03
Anything above ( enter a number here ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a lot of cars at 7.5 %, which I think is pretty good. MedlinePlus My mortgage is 6.85% , which is not bad for my first loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But I have three credit cards and it seems pretty ridiculous to me , but I wonder what others think is high .
I bought my car brand new and got an ok intrest rate but i think i may have gotten somewhat stiffed by the?0health care2012-09-05 18:20:03
dealer considering refinancing to get a lower rate . some tips on how to do it . And what exactly is a loan refinance my car that might entail. What lower intrest rate payments How I can even apply it worth .. etc.
Which bank provids less rate of intrest in car loans ?1czacza2012-10-21 08:01:02
which bank provids lower intrest rate on car loans in bangalore contact any person not concern
XMAS LOAN APPLY NOW AT LOW INTREST RATE!!0Euroloans2012-10-30 14:35:34
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