I am about to go to my bank and apply for a small business loan. What's the best way to present my plan? related questions

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I am about to go to my bank and apply for a small business loan. What's the best way to present my plan?0Tarkan2012-10-06 17:33:04
Should I make a PowerPoint presentation ? Should I go with all my information written and organized in a briefcase ? Or just bring my papers in hand ? I just want to know how I can be as professional as possible . Thanks in advance for helpful answers !
Small Business Questions. How does my Business Plan Look? Whats the best way to get a small loan?0CL2012-08-15 05:10:02
Me and my wife started a Christian concert hall . We have been open for 3 weeks. We have done quite well, but I really need the money to float for a few months while building and to buy some things for the business. I wondered what you might think of my business plan and if you had any ideas ? Thanks I do not know how to attach a business plan here, so I'll post this link. http://www.savefile.com/files/1872704 To learn more about us to understand the plan that our website are some pictures and stuff. arealworld.org
We own a retail food & catering co. & need to expand. What kind of plan do we present to the bank for a loan?0Lucy Pirkle2012-10-16 17:08:58
We are a family business that has a retail food operation and a catering division . We maxed out our space in the kitchen . The catering is the fastest growing sector of our business . We have signed a lease for a space for a larger kitchen and catering offices . Now we have to get a loan . What kind of documentation should submit to the bank about a business plan ? How deep do you have to go? We have a Metting on Wednesday .
How can i create a good small business plan for a bank to look at?1sybrina2012-11-06 00:00:02
My wife and I are starting a small home based business and I have to know what to enter a business plan to present to a bank for loan purposes . Say we do widgets . What are the general requirements for a good business plan ?
What do I need to apply for a small business loan through my bank?1Daniel2012-11-04 08:15:02
I have a photography studio and I would like to take to start a business . I need a loan to make some improvements and get the necessary equipment . What do I need to apply for a small business loan ? Thanks for any help . MedlinePlus I've done a lot to promote my business , I just want to open the store now . I want this to be legit. It's a big dream of mine !
What do I need when going into the bank to apply for a small business loan?1Mongikazi2012-10-21 03:46:02
What do I need to go into the bank to apply for a small business loan ?
Why a small business owner is not allowed to apply for a loan at non-american bank?3bethy2017-09-15 17:45:30
If U.S. banks are stingy , why a small business owner can not obtain a loan from foreign banks ? Why he / she must trust and be at the mercy of U.S. banks ? Foreign banks have much lower rates , some have none.
What personal background information do bank institutions look at when you apply for a small business loan?2amad2012-08-16 02:17:02
Credit ? Age ? Experience ?
Whats my next step, I finished my business plan...?0manisha2012-08-18 12:38:02
I finished my business plan , I printed the application for financing small businesses the authority loan guarantee program .... What's next ? Apply for a loan ... or are there other steps to do first? Business license?
I want to do an small business plan on an small retail store, i need an sample of an retail business plan.?0Carla2012-10-10 06:54:07
I also need a pre approved loan bid of $ 5, ooo to start mine activity .
Can people with little income and a good business plan get a business loan from the bank?0Franny2012-10-19 05:10:18
I have a personal income very limited and can not climb much captial for my business plan for others and myself . I want to know if it is really possible for someone with a well-designed plan for a small business loan from a financial institution ? I'm sure it's possible, but actually a decent chance ?
Whats is the best uk bank to get a small unsecured loan?0Murra2012-09-30 01:36:02
I was wondering what you think is the best bank in the UK to get a small unsecured loan with no credit best ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance . x

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