When applying for a Small Business loan does anyone know if there a personal background check conducted? related questions

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When applying for a Small Business loan does anyone know if there a personal background check conducted?0??2012-10-06 15:25:27
When applying for a small business loan , does anyone know if there is a personal story took place check ?
Advice Needed for Background Investigation? How are police background investigations conducted? Actuall police?1Tina2012-09-13 08:31:05
I have the following in my past .. MedlinePlus MISD theft while working in retail - 1995 ( 20yrs old) MedlinePlus APD wants nothing to do with the past three years MISD . MedlinePlus A written warning of an emp . MedlinePlus '01 2 terms in the '95 and '04 2 tickets in 3 years MedlinePlus DL Cancelled but reistated MedlinePlus A recent bankruptcy ( discharged ) .. bad credit no later and had consolidated my student loans bad lons and paid in the past 5 months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been as honest as possible during the process . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I choose three local Depts (ask to reapply for 1 year , while the presentation of BK for 2 of them ) , another who missed the cut to go to the stage of BG . None of them disqualified. You can reapply them all . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus W / APD i passed every test weekend (2 written test and test Psych ) . and blew the number of physical agility away (1.5 execution , 300 meters, pushups, crunches and sit reach) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 33 years old married w / a 16mo baby and I want this more than anything. My wife is in my corner 110% . Any advice will be helpful. MedlinePlus the only thing close to drug use was triied Pot at age 14 (1 hour ) . Do not smoke or drink.
What personal background information do bank institutions look at when you apply for a small business loan?2amad2012-08-16 02:17:02
Credit ? Age ? Experience ?
Does personal credit get pulled when you present your EIN for background check?1Jarel2012-10-12 03:42:03
My personal credit is poor due to a car that was stolen , and student loans. I would like to work for LiveOps or other home based center call, and I will apply as a home business ( DBA ) and I just received my EIN . The EIN I applied for was registered to me and not an LLC , so has my social security number attached to it . However, when reading some of the tips when I applied my new credit EIN and had to give my social birthdate and made sure to give a new direction , and telephone number that has never been connected to any derogatory credit . My question is , should I have to worry about my personal information crawls through background checks and destroying my chances again for a new beginning ? They also ask in the request , if your business is incorporated ( as mine is not going to be using a DBA ) , said they did not have to be , but if you give your EIN , and if not give Social Security number . I would say yes , so I can say the name and EIN Business . I have no felonies, so I know that everything is clean . So , what are the chances of getting a pass from me ? MedlinePlus Also, if anyone knows of any good way I can make money from home using a DBA and EIN I would greatly appreciate it .
Is your personal credit considered when applying for a small business loan?2KATIE THE NEEDS HELP!!2012-08-14 16:09:35
They say it was a relatively new business , created as an LLC. Does your personal credit must be taken into account?
What is the chances of me getting a small business loan at the age of 18 and no credit background?0Sheyla2012-09-30 13:46:04
Some background on me : MedlinePlus I will graduate from high school in June. MedlinePlus I'm thinking of going to college for business starting this fall. MedlinePlus I have no financial or any previous credit history . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My business My initial plan is a snuff / smoke shop / head shop . I am (soon to be ) right from high school , so I am nervous of potential investors being turned away because of my age and lack of experience . MedlinePlus I'm in the process of starting my business plan that will have an overview of the industry , market analysis , competition analysis , a marketing plan , a management plan , an operational plan and a financial plan that will be displayed in that every dollar I spend is being borrowed . In addition to the business plan , I will include a statement on how you plan to pay the investor , and what you plan to do if I do not get the loan . MedlinePlus I'm estimating it will need $ 8,000 - $ 15,000 . MedlinePlus Thanks for your help , and provide any advice / information that can help me.
What is a job looking for when doing a background check?0Felicia2012-09-05 07:03:04
I have a job offer for a position and are doing a background check on me . I have bad credit , but the reason I got about 8-9 years on the part of credit card debt . Also I have a DUI that was 4 years ago . Besides that all I have is student loan debt and speeding tickets few . I wonder if these are going to keep me from getting a job ? Not a job driving , I'm super worried.
When employers do their background check on you, is it possible to see it too?0yazmin2012-11-05 16:25:02
i have been looking for work for a long time and it seems like there's got to be something in my background that has been hindering me from getting any job. (emphasis on any)! i have a clean record-no felonies. i have no issues with the law or court orders that would make me look like a thief. im a.o.k with everything. im just curious and fed up with assuming something is the matter with the background check or what gives??? if i need to, i would like to find out if anything in my employment check would be questionable. uhh, im desperate to stop filling out employment applications and get to work. i have contemplated taking out loans to go back to school, or even turning to welfare in order to work.. i have 2 years of schooling in business and computer/administrative work but have been out of work for a year being stay at home mom. now i must get a job, divorce and la-dee-da.. im not giving up, im waiting for the library to call today or tomorrow! good interview by the way!!!
Applying for a small personal loan..?1mareen2012-08-27 15:32:03
Hello, I was considering applying for a small personal loan from my bank (500-600 $) for the repairs on my car. My credit is bad, I was involved in a scam of the magazine and ruined it . I was wondering if anyone thinks that could be approved for that amount ? I have also worked in the same job in 3 years .. will I'm not sure if that matters . I just want to know what I expected when in ... Thank you !
What is the process for applying for a small business loan, in order to buy an existing business?2Jiggly Dog2012-10-27 17:43:07
What is the process for applying for a small business loan in order to buy an existing business ?
Should I include my college history on this background check form for this job with the IRS?0Told2012-11-03 11:09:47
I am completing the E-quip form for the background check on my trustworthiness for a federal government job with the IRS and it asks for school history in the past 7 years. Well back in 2003 I went to college but didn't finish and there were no federal government loans or anything but there is a bill of over $4,000 that I wasn't able to pay and is still on the school account. This has never come up in an interview before and I never use it on applications because it was so long ago. I'm reallly torn on if I should include this in the E-quip form to avoid the risk of having it hurt me by them finding out down the road and firing me or if I should just not worry about it since it was so long ago? I really want this job and don't want to do anything to jeopardize my chances with it either way. Somebody please help!
Who does one go about applying for a small business grant to start a small business?2Fabia2012-10-05 00:13:03
I live in Alaska and want to start a dog - and dogwash care . I found the website states on grants and loans but do not know which ones apply to the types of companies do not know how to write a letter of grant application.

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