Can someone PLEASE answer this tax RAL question for me? related questions

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Finance question: answer the following question?0mecca2012-09-17 14:23:04
They are negotiating a 7-year loan of $ 25,000 to Breck Inc. To pay , Breck will pay $ 2,500 at the end of year 1 , $ 5,000 at the end of year 2 , and $ 7,500 at the end of year 3 , plus a fixed cash flow but not currently specified , X, a late 4 to 7 . Breck is essentially risk-free , so trust payments will be made , and I think an 8% rate of return and appropriate risk under 7 year loans . What cash flow should provide the investment at the end of each of the last four years , ie , what is X ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus $ 4271.67 MedlinePlus $ 4496.49 MedlinePlus $ 4733.15 MedlinePlus $ 4969.81 $ 5218.30
I need some one to help answer my question, please?0Nicole C.2012-08-18 01:32:02
I am enrolled in college without a job and I am a full time student and I have no car, but my friends. She helps me a lot and do not know what to do, like the one I want to buy a car and as I said before I have no money , and is one reason why I can not get a job because I am also a parent full time. Should I use a student loan for a car? I've heard is not good to do, but really have no choice , and some people say that getting a car loan, but all loans I found that I have to pay monthly. I do not know what to do, so I'm out here to see what others think. So if you could give me some friendly advice , and knew that would be greatly appreciated .
Please can I get a yes or no answer to this question....Can I get a...?2bennie2022-06-06 08:20:08
federal school loan and a personal/credit based loan at the same time? I need the school loan to do my graduate degree and a personal/credit based loan to help with living expenses, etc, etc. Thanks!
Can someone PLEASE answer this tax RAL question for me?3Austria hiss card. 2022-06-06 08:20:37
Okay so I went to HR Block, as a stupid person , and told them I wanted my refund on a debit card announcing emerald . I paid more for it and everything. The way it was explained to me , apply for the RAL loan in my name with his partner in crime HSBC. After the loan is paid back with my refund . I was denied . Can someone explain to me why I was denied , or why someone would be refused when H & R Block is the one paying the loan with my taxes . Simply I can not understand why a bank would deny a warranty return . At least that 's what I said. Can anyone give me a better reason ?
Question hopefully someone can answer?0Jilleon2012-08-30 23:50:03
i recently " borrowed national first for 1500 turned out to be an online scam in the mean time I've been in the process of moving to find out that it had 1500 wrote checks I get my bills online and I locked the supermarket and tell me that I have written other checks and will not accept my checks and my account ... is -1,101.65 are not sure what to do ... why pay for bank checks and just received a fee How I can go about paying checks that were wrong .
Can you answer this EIC tax question?1carebear2012-10-22 10:12:03
My husband has student loans that have defaulted . So the government began keeping their taxes last year . But brought together and they took my taxes too. So I wanted to file separately this year . I usually do my own taxes online , but say they are both disqualified for the EIC for our son and presented separately. Does anyone know why? Or how to get the EIC ?
Can someone please tell me what the answer to this question would be asap PLEASE?1Lady T.2012-11-02 20:29:01
You are a financial journalist working for a newspaper online and have a financial column daily . One of the readers of his column has been asked this question : MedlinePlus I need some advice on my mortgage payments . I have a mortgage of $ 200,000 and due to changing jobs , I can now afford to pay double the monthly mortgage payments . Would it be better to pay these additional monthly quantities directly from the principal or have the life of the loan (duration of the loan period ) reduces ?
Credit-car question please answer?1Chandni2012-08-23 23:51:02
ok i just turned 18 in February , but I want to finance a car , but I have no credit ... so I know they do not give me a loan , but is there anyway I can build my credit fast or have atleast good enough to buy a car thanks ......
A question about school??? best answer 10 pts!?1my2012-10-01 12:19:03
I am currently enrolled in an online school . However, I realized that perhaps the online learning environment is not for me . So my question is , is it possible for me to have my student loans and financial aid switched to a school where they will attend classes on campus ?
Please Can Someone Answer This Question - 10 POINTS?2John Q2018-07-28 02:39:24
Suppose you live in a society where people never withdraw money from their banks . In this case , the amount of money the banking system could create ( make known in form of loans ) . What may limit the creation of deposit in this case ?
Lets see if you can answer THIS question...?4Rainbow2012-09-26 05:10:05
OK I need a car really bad , but do not know how I can buy one because I have no money . I am a single mother living in an area with no 21 bus line. I recently moved to this apartment is a half hour away from everyone I know . I want to get a job , but the nearest nursery is too far to walk to and I barely know my neighbors . I can not get a loan because I have no credit or co - signer. My father refuses to help my mother and money is tight. Anyone have tips that I'm going crazy .
Can anyone answer my economic question ?0Kelitis2012-08-30 15:24:03
1. what happens when you only pay the minimum payment on your credit card account ? MedlinePlus one . save money and still charge more MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus take years to pay balance MedlinePlus card lose money MedlinePlus 2. people with bad credit history ( or individual student ) are more likely to ? MedlinePlus one . MedlinePlus find a job easier b.have higher interest rates and lower credit lines MedlinePlus approved for the loan c.get MedlinePlus MedlinePlus D.You charged for late payment MedlinePlus 3. you can watch our credit score ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. could report negative or positive information to credit bureaus 3, Equifax , TransUnion , Experian ? MedlinePlus one . MedlinePlus lender MedlinePlus b.landlord MedlinePlus dealer d. MedlinePlus above all MedlinePlus IF YU YU ALWAYS LOVE THESE ANSWERS FOR ME MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH CREDIT CARD NOW INDERSTANDING :) ))))))))))))))))))))))

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