Can someone PLEASE answer this tax RAL question for me?

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Austria hiss card.
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Okay so I went to HR Block, as a stupid person , and told them I wanted my refund on a debit card announcing emerald . I paid more for it and everything. The way it was explained to me , apply for the RAL loan in my name with his partner in crime HSBC. After the loan is paid back with my refund . I was denied . Can someone explain to me why I was denied , or why someone would be refused when H & R Block is the one paying the loan with my taxes . Simply I can not understand why a bank would deny a warranty return . At least that 's what I said. Can anyone give me a better reason ?
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All credit has been more difficult to achieve in the past year . HSBC refused requests for RALs much more this year than ever before. Only they know why. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you owe back taxes , child support or student loans and part of your refund will be seized ( even as little as $ 1) , the RAL will be automatically rejected . Other than that , HSBC may have seen something on your credit report that did not like . Also, another little-known element , if you are behind on any loan or credit card HSBC , its RAL will be denied a refund and seized by the bank . HSBC also has a lot of store credit cards Best Buy ( IE ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As RAL is a loan , you should receive a letter explaining as why was denied. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So ... you went to Block May and wanted their money as soon as possible ........
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