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Where can I find Cheap college books?1myst2012-11-06 07:41:02
I just signed up for college classes online . I'm only taking three classes because I have a good job so I'm trying to finish my career to have something to fall back . My problem is that my loan used to cover my books , my classes only . I have little money to spend on books . Is there a website that can be found dirt cheap college books ? I MEAN CHEAP ! lol
College loan? Or try to pay cash I'm going to a 2 year college about $7k the hole degree without books?0Emil2012-09-19 23:33:03
I want to get a 2-year degree in Business Administration I am in this field from now and I know it will help me . I 'm quite good from now could pay some cash , but I will not cut into my savings account . I was just thinking of going cuz I work part time 45hrs a week . Any interest rate on student loans is the best way forward and what the rate from now ? I have a credit score of 700 who plans to start in August I'ma Assistant MGR from now and I know this will help me get promoted again with an increase of $ 20k .
Why is that college profs expect college students to do research using books that their library doesn't offer?0Twinkle2012-09-06 08:13:06
Many or most university students do not have cars on campus , or a large amount of cash available to pay little extra hundred dollars after already bought their books for their classes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sure , students can try any number of interlibrary loan programs , but who can say that library books will arrive in time for the student to do research , cite everything and return books on time submit their research work at the time because your reality ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This leads to certain colleges and university professors to impose such an absurd limitation on their students, assigning a research topic that is well aware that the university library provides enough material for research , and this kind of limitation apparently never present in them when they were in college . Why do this to your students ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sure , life is not fair, as they say , but when some universities are doing this and others do not , which drives many of the GPA happens to those who do not and are reduced to those that do . After graduation , prospective employers will only qualified applicants as listed under qualified , because of this.
Anywhere I can find free books, maybe even games?0Karry2012-09-27 00:39:07
Desperate to return to college I decided to go through my closet and dust off my old books that are in great condition one sell online to help pay for a particular loan that I could get one for school . Not expecting much I sold a lot of books and even some of my old games . I was very pleased . I was wondering if anyone might know a place in the city of New York that could give away old books and / or games that one might be able to go and collect . Not sure if this is possible , but I was curious and thought it would not hurt to ask for help because every bit as much as do extra income . Please say no and suggest another job because I have two jobs and this book of great success is the only thing I have time to do that brought some success . Thanks in advance ... :)
Help buying college books..?0Franky2012-09-20 02:17:02
I was wondering if anyone knew of any grants or loans that give money to students specifically for textbooks? ? ? I've tried the beans for books and scholarship fails. I really need help buying books this year and I have 6 classes ! so it gets expensive! I can not seem to get approved for a loan through a bank to not work and all other university scholarships are for tuition only ! If anyone knows any other way to get money fast book! please let me know ! classes start next week !
Buying college books!!! $700!!! HELP ASAP...?6Bea2012-10-04 20:37:02
Ok I have to buy all these books from college and school starts next week ... Suman around $ 700 but I have financial aid and loans to cover all ... The school has not sent any control or anything so expect to pay out of pocket ? Because that was the focus of the loans ! Of course , do not have $ 700! ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus By the way I just checked my " whiteboard " that our school has a line and my teacher said that two of the books should be read before school starts ! UH ! I feel like a fool ...
I need $250-300 for college books... I have less than a week... & NO money at ALL, what do I do (more inside)!?2TJ2012-09-24 13:47:02
I have around $ 250-300 for college textbooks . My classes start in less than a week . I have no money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents are not going to help me , and paid for my tuition (which was about $ 1,300, [community college ] and he said that books were my responsibility . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it too late to ask for a loan ? I have 18 and have no credit (despite the fact that I have been paying my car insurance every month for the last few months ... ) I work part time doing min . salary if that matters. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no money at this time , because I had to pay to get my license reinstated , my car needs an oil change and inspection , and lots of other reasons wholeee ( Because I know you 're going to ask ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will apply for financial aid / FAFSA , but I waited too long and not going to help me now . Is there any way to get $ 300 from anywhere in time? ? Would I even be eligible for a student loan or grant?
I'm a college student and need money now for a new car and books. How can I do this and improve my credit? ?2Marisela Cordova2012-11-06 03:46:02
I have no credit and need to improve my credit score , but I can not get a loan or a credit card with no credit .
I need help, i need to find a cheap but reliable car.?1Kendra--Please Help!!2012-10-05 13:34:02
My car broke down and is not worht fixing because it was old and full of rust . I got rid of it . I can not get a loan because I am in my work contract ends in July. I have a few thousand saved , but I'm having trouble finding a decent automatic that I can afford.
Where to find cheap cars?0Maximilian2012-10-08 09:17:20
I live in Ohio Swanton , i just turned sixteen and get my license soon my mom is hoping to make me a car (especially for me to go to school I want next year and I drive to work ) my mom just bought a new house and are paying off student loans and my keys , along with a number of things . so obviously we're looking for something cheap and does not have to last me a lifetime. she did not have time to search the car , so I want to look and point to it too . I want to know where I should look for cars (such as websites or a way to get cheap car ) and a way to know if it is at least decent ? ( we are looking like $ 1,000 )
Will I be able to get a Stafford Loan if a Pell Grant will cover my tuition/books at a community college?0Aden2012-08-29 00:54:04
I'm taking online classes and need a better team . Should I go through the credit approval ?
Why are college text book prices so abusively high? Books would never sell for that in borders.?1michal2012-10-21 00:03:02
Why believe that libraries need to get a 300k profit each year? I thought that public universities are nonprofit service , which means you only need a balance . And why do these teachers need to keep pubishing new books each year? And why continue to buy these new editions? The information does not change much in the cousre of 5 to 10 years. However, they update their books every 1-3 years. And how is it that when a book is 3 years ........ they still charge the new prices for it? as books from 2005 could be selling at the store for $ 130 , but online that is selling for $ 20. That makes it so inconvenient to buy the book because you have to either be online and waiting a week for it, or pay exorbitant prices in the store ( if you happen to need it at the right time) . Shopping online is so uncomfortable , because you have to go to the store, gather information, then search online. Why can not function as a secondary school in high school ........... , Which lends books , free ........ and when the semester is over , you return the books back to them , for free. (If you lose the book could be a fine of $ 50). Why can not a college bookstore works as a school or library ? At Borders Bookstore , Barnes & Noble, etc. joseph beth these libraries ......... What could charge for a book? maybe $ 30 if it's decent. Seriously . No book should be worth $ 120. Even the used books that try to charge more than 100 of the Bucs. crazy.

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