Where do i get real information about government grant/loan programs without paying some dumb web-site? related questions

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Where do i get real information about government grant/loan programs without paying some dumb web-site?0Daniyelle2012-10-05 19:28:36
to start a small business
Can someone dumb down what a CCR does and how to become a government CCR?0lily S.2012-10-12 18:12:36
While searching for small business loans , someone suggested that I go online and register as CCR government. They said it is a great source of income, and if you work for the government , you certainly get the grants and loans . I want someone that stupid sixth grade in terms of what it means to be a CCR and how I can apply . Thank you very much . I am very confused and I was too embarrassed to tell this person not understanding.
Okay I'm in need of real answers and no more dumb run arounds?0cristee2012-11-03 05:55:55
I'm a single mother who has a 17 year old daughter and really need to get a loan for $8,500 and yes I have bad credit due to divorce etc. recently my daughter got mixed up with the wrong guy and I really need to relocate to get her away from him for good and in order for me to accomplish this I need financial help not a run around or to be scammed by idiots that should not have access to this site or any others, so if you have any souind advice please help, also i have no bank account so the sites who offer short term loans deposited into your account will not help! Thank you
How do I find grant information for single parents that is NOT a federal pell grant?0LC2012-10-03 03:58:36
I'm a single mom and I have currenlty eligible for financial aid / scholarships Pell . I consolidated all my student loans for several years and they have almost paid off , or so I thought . I received a letter in the mail saying they had a Federal Perkins Loan that was breached . I went crazy trying to dig up all the information about my loans . Turns out that loan was not included when my loans were consolidated . What bothers me is that the university has supported my loan had my address and number of years , and send me away all the time to donate to the school . So why have not sent me anything ? This is the point . My loans were in good condition and now I have one in default.This makes me eligible for financial aid and the Pell grant . I attend classes again in the fall . I waited almost 6 years back because my son is starting kindergarten. I guess what I really need to know is there are (and I mean all websites fake money offereing and only takes the Univeristy of Pheonix Online ) donations from private organizations available ? So many of them do not give to individuals. Any information is appreciated.
Online loan programs-are they for real?0jesse urena2012-10-12 19:16:54
I could use a few hundred dollars to pay some bills very necessary . MedlinePlus Are loans for real? ? ?
Is anybody aware of any student loan or grant programs other than the Federal and Pell ?0Alcott2012-11-04 11:40:20
I qualified for the federal and pell which covered most of my tuition but I am enrolled full time and that being said I can't work and keep up with my classes, so I am looking for a way to scrape by until I graduate . Due to my divorce I have horrible credit so that's a big issue for me as well. Any help or links would be very much appreciated thanks everyone who gives back helpful feedback:)
Are there any government programs to help pay for college?0Akesa2012-11-06 07:00:43
i will be a returning student so i have already used my hope scholarship and was wonder if there were any other programs to help pay for school or how to apply for a student loan when i haven't got a job. I am a stay at home mother of 3 girls.
Anyone know where you can find grants/loan programs for small Business that are for real?4JerWandria2012-10-16 13:07:02
I want to start a small business from home, I have a little money to get started , but I'd be able to start with all you need in place of some of the things I would need . I've been looking for grants or loan programs , but they all seem like scams. I really think it has to be something else out there for small business . Anyone know of anything or have experience with it ?
Is this site for real to get a loan?!?!?0leyla matiaz2012-09-20 20:37:03
I found this online view BadCreditLoanServices.com and I was wondering if it was true ? ! ? !
Does anybody know whats the offical online site to get information on a veteran house loan?1Richard S. del Rosario2012-08-26 13:49:02
Does anyone know what the official online site for information on a home loan veteran?
Is there an online site to get a REAL loan?0Caus2012-09-25 08:53:08
I need a loan online and want to do so you can have DD in my checking account , but it seems that everywhere you go is just spam ! I'll fill out an application that will refer me elsewhere and others will do the same and im like going in a circle FRICKIN HUGE .... I just want a loan , do any of you know of a legitimate site to go to for this? MedlinePlus I tried : MedlinePlus LendingTree MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Prosper MedlinePlus 100DayLoans MedlinePlus FastLoan Something OneMitialnie ( forgot the name )
Does anyone have any information on getting a grant or loan for the ivf proceedure?0Bala2012-08-18 13:41:29
I've been searching online for a grant or a loan other than ( capital one) prvides grants or loans , or any information about obtaining grants or loans for IVF.

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