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How much should I pay in rent/mortgage? (virginia beach)?0JayJay2012-10-05 13:42:38
I gross 37K a year , which translates to $ 1,246 every 15 and 30 . I have a car payment of $ 208 in gas costs me about $ 300 a month , $ 70 insurance , student loan of $ 65. Those are my insurance accounts . I'm looking to move into my own apartment for the first time (previously lived with a college boyfriend , but we broke , living with my rents , last two months while searching, but it has been hard ) . Anyway , still need money for public services , savings , if possible , food , misc . So with all these expenses and stuff what should I pay rent or logistical could afford or would be open to buying a home too, if that is even an option I do not know . Apparently , the income here ( Virginia Beach ) are so high and rents are cheap only in the city super bad .
What do you all think about a commission only Mortgage Loan Officer position in Virginia?0dare2012-11-05 01:21:50
I have been offered a position with a company as a Mortgage Loan Officer. The training is not paid - the commission is 25 percent and there is Marketing dept in house that provided leads and completed the applications for the Loan Officers. How do you feel about the commission rate? If the Marketing dept is taking all the info. from the client - what is left to do besides close the loan? I dont have hands on experience but I do have a college education. I know how I feel about the position . I would like feedback from others that have been or that currently are in the position of Loan Officer. Please share experience with commission only positions as well. Thanks!
I would like to buy a second townhouse to rent out how do I go about getting another mortgage loan?1fishbowl2012-09-01 06:52:02
I bought my first house 50k about 7 months with a VA loan . I would buy another house in the same building as mine to rent. Does anyone know a way for me to get a second mortgage to buy the property. I admire all online banks do not lend for investment properties. Currently my house is the note to pay 400 a month twice each month to pay faster . In addition there are still tenants in the homes of others who pay 650 for rent and I'm willing to put 20% with the new loan.
I have rental investment 4-flex property in AZ (Mericopa County). Due to vacancy more than 75% (out of 4 units, 3 units are vacant) I am unable to pay the monthly mortgage but collecting rent from only one tenant. I ask the lender for loan modification but Lender has decliend and sent the Notice of Trustee Sale . set the date as August 12/2009 in court. Could you please advise till August If I collect rent will be consider as illegal/Felony or not. Is it Ok that I can collect the rent. Thanks.
I make 30$ an hour. could i get a 400,000$ mortgage and buy some properties to rent out (i have a 60,000$)?1adder_viper2012-08-08 06:17:04
I make $ 30 an hour. about $ 50,000 a year. I'm single with no children. I want more income, so I want to get a mortgage of $ 400,000 and buy 4 different investment units . (100,000 $ each ) of the properties I have been looking at the average income of the four apartment buildings would be about $ 40,000 a year and after all! heat, electricity , taxes on everything. I know that banks may not give me a loan of $ 400,000 for a house fly in just for me but where would the increase in my annual income of approximately $ 40,000 for the purchase of apartment buildings could get a mortgage ? and I have a payment of $ 60,000 down. (15 % of $ 400,000 ) and I know most of my earnings go to pay my mortgage, but with the extra income would definitely be able to make payment. I was looking at a mortgage calculator and a mortgage 10 years of $ 340,000 ( $ 400,000 - my initial payment of $ 60,000 ) to the interest rate of 7% would be $ 3.930 per month and my rental income would be $ 4000 a month , so we still have $ 7 profit . I can not see why I could not get the cause of the mortgage could certainly make the payments but I am not 100% sure so any info would help. thanks
Getting an FHA loan after bankruptcy if no proof of rent/mortgage payments?3Rafaela2012-11-03 00:08:02
My husband and I filed for bankruptcy just over 2 years and have not acquired any new debt since. We reaffirmed our cars , that have made us pay it forward and will be paid soon. Here is my question: Our house was included in our bankruptcy and it was only on my behalf , however , we still live here because I can make one payment each month , but were told they could throw us almost any time ( the loan is 60 days late , we were told that we will drive the 120 days most likely) , but we can not afford to live here and my house is now worth $ 120,000 maybe $ 40,000. Anyway , have a student loan debt up the wazoo until after medical school , but my husband has none besides $ 3,000 left on a car loan that I have with him and he has a 690 credit score and excellent income . So we're thinking of putting a new house in his name and it seems that he should be able to be approved for an FHA mortgage , but wonders if it will be a problem , since technically do not pay a mortgage or rent payment ? I pay and is 100 % on my behalf . Other than that , he / she has enough funds for payment and obviously seeking credit . I have no fear of paying rent / mortgage will give us a hiccup .
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Can I live comfortably on Miami Beach on $55K?2sammy boy!2012-10-05 10:37:04
Single, no children , other than a very moderate level of student loans and a car payment , no debt . Say a nice 2 bedroom apartment or condo , in a neighborhood where I will not get shot walking down the street . There has to be near the ocean, a very important factor for me . In my 20s, so I hope to be able to leave reasonable . With a salary of $ 55,000 is this possible ?
Is it possible to get a loan on a beach house in Florida right now?0Jacytiopa2012-09-26 14:06:05
We are looking at getting funding in a vacation rental property , a beach house in Santa Rosa Beach , FL . We have money to put down, but they are actually lending banks at the moment?
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Beach trip... in college.. financial question...?2Dallas2012-09-19 13:48:04
I am currently in my 3rd year of college . I am one of those people who feel like something "bad " will happen , and you have to spend all my money from my bank account . I just wanted to know everyone's opinion on how to pay for a trip to the beach is about / on my current financial status . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Save $ 4,000 MedlinePlus Credit card debt of $ 750 - MedlinePlus min monthly payment $ 15 Student Loan ( can be paid after college ) - $ 900 MedlinePlus Car Loan - $ 6,400 - $ 180 monthly payment MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm working this summer and must pay about $ 1,200 in the coming weeks . My trip to the beach will cost around $ 800. Should I pay my credit card (for 0% interest until November ) the summer I spent money or use it to pay for the trip ? I want to get rid of credit card, but also wants to keep the money in savings .. personally have to spend about $ 500 on books when classes start up . Anyway opinions are welcome! Thank you all !

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