Getting a loan for a car insurance premium? UK?

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I want to get a loan for 2,500 pounds of my bank.

I've never been in debt to them , or anyone else . I live with my parents, and expenses are minimal.

I have a full time job , Construction and desktop programming , computer hard drives and DVD duplicators . I pay between $ 200 - (. Depends on how busy it is) of 300 pounds per week

Ok so the loan itself is a car insurance premium to insure my car for about 2500 pounds.

As you earn around 1000 pounds a month , I so easily be able to afford the loan payments .

Do you think I will give the loan? And if not why, and what he could do to improve my chances of getting this loan?

Thanks for reading, I know it's a little long , so I appreciate any answer

Replies greatly appreciated!

Thank you !

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