If you quit paying on a secured loan, and the bank takes back the item, can they still sue you for the balance? related questions

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If you quit paying on a secured loan, and the bank takes back the item, can they still sue you for the balance?1Roland2012-10-10 16:44:03
If you default on a secured loan , and the bank returns the item , you can still sue for the balance ?
Where would i be able to get a loan to use for my business asap i am doing well but bank takes takes weeks?0belk2012-09-24 16:49:03
I have 7 K vans penalty paid secured loans but they are skyrocketing in intrest rates
Will the bank loan me $15,000 for a car and if so how much will i end up paying the bank back?2German girl2012-11-04 22:42:02
I want to buy a vehicle from a private seller , but I need 15k and want to know if the bank lends me money and if so about how much I will end up paying the bank
Dad quit his high paying job and now is not paying child support?6tod2012-10-08 08:58:03
I do not know what to do here, I'm angry and I need some views of others on this subject. The father of my child has always been pretty good at making their child support payments, he is an official locksmith and thus made a lot of money ($ 60,000) and our agreement is for $ 546 per month, which was established by Support tables Alberta (where life) now in September, decided to quit his job and try to become a cabinetmaker so although it would be more difficult for my family that allowed him to reduce his payment to $ 350 per month according to the table amounts to what I wanted to do in the new job. I down Mat (unemployment insurance) and my partner has been made redundant and Employment Insurance is paying for it to go back to school so money is very tight right now as IE only give the amount we pay our bills essential not including car insurance or student loan debt or less what I'm getting permission stretcher and I have to go to childsupport. Now my ex is out of work and has a $ 14 per hour of work and stopped paying child support.He not yet paid for January and February has 13 days late. He used to answer the phone when I or my son calls him and he yells and curses at me about how not to pay and that the money you send should not be included in our family income. Do not know what part of me thinks I should go to Family Mantenace enforcment and can go after him for the money (and get your license, ruin your credit or put him in jail if not paid) but the other part of me understands that money is tight for him too, but I'm the only one who cares about keeping a roof over my son's head and food in the house while my credit invoice line visa and become increasingly large. It seems that all he cares about is himself and not even bother to talk to your son or check or anything. I do not want to make a decision with anger. What would you do?
If we were paying PMI insurance and we decide to quit paying and walk away.;?5samtha2012-11-06 00:17:02
Will keep the lender to come after us ? We refinanced seven months ago and now do not want the house and is an FHA insured loan .
If you sell secured collateral before paying the bank off and you default on the loan what happens?1Alexander2012-08-14 05:26:02
If you sell secured assets before paying the bank and you pay off the loan what happens?
If someone takes out an unsecured loan and pays back 0Liaa2012-10-01 22:22:02
How woulf be the actual loan ? The loan is with HSBC bank and is in a period of 12 months.
I'm currently paying back my student loan, do i still get charged interest even when I'm paying it back?1jonni2012-08-13 09:50:03
I have about 3000 pounds for a student loan , do not pay me after I was earning above the threshold of 8 months and received a statement of interest they charge me £ 10 each month. Then I started to pay back each month and the same amount that comes out every month as well. However I still be charged interest on this? And besides , in my line loan account , it says you still owe more than my p60 says it has paid. Could be because I have not updated as my p60 in hand and do not, so they have to wait until the end of each fiscal year refesh balance so its inaccurate . Any help would be great , the company SLC, an establishment in the UK very common, in case you were wondering .
Is it illegal to close an existing bank account and open a new one in order to avoid paying back a payday loan?5spelling-grammer2012-09-30 21:06:03
I ask b / c I have a coworker who was basically "presumed " to do this yesterday at work . He was saying that he got 3 different payday loans online, then went to her bank and closed the account saying there was "fraud " activity in the Acct. Well, apparently , the bank did abliged questions and happy, put a new account and close the previous one. This is not only morally wrong , but it seems it would be illegal. I know it's none of my business , but what really bothered me that he got a kick out of defrauding a lending company and fleeing from their financial responsibilities .
If you quit college do you still have to pay back your student loan and will it mess up your credit?8Louis Streeter2012-10-19 16:35:59
I have a friend and she left the college last year and never paid on loans to students and moved to another city and she did not tell the student loan people , where she moved and is now trying to get an apartment and the car will this affect your credit score
Attorney advised us to quit paying our mortgage?1Rella2012-08-19 14:16:02
Last winter , my husband was laid off during most of the winter and now we're behind a lot of credit card payments and loan payments , and although our car and mortgage payments are current, our payment mortgage just went up and feel that you can no longer afford. Our house has been on the market for a few months now, but with the way the economy is right now, we have not had any offers. We talked to a lawyer who advised us to stop paying the mortgage .... said he still be able to live here anywhere from 9-13 months before we had to leave due to foreclosure .... and use the money you would have used for the mortgage to start paying our credit cards and loans (most deals have offered 50% ) and then file Chapter foreclosure 13. I know a couple people who have done this and it worked for them, but we are scared because bankruptcy is a big step ! We would get out of debt faster and have a new beginning, but are still undecided. Has anyone else done this and what is your advice ? Thank you !
What is the average amount of time it takes to pay back college loans?1melrose2012-10-22 21:36:03
I was living in a fantasy land when I thought those stupid flyers Student Loan Finance Corporation sent a payment plan , it was all I had to pay . I never realized how many actually took bloody years , until I called these creatures today. So I wonder what is the average amount of time it takes for people to pay their student loans ? and why can you afford a car loan for 20 000 in five years , but college loans for the same amount is 18 or something equally crazy? Thank you.

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