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I have a huge problem with windows media player.?0Terrell2012-10-04 20:58:45
I made the mistake of paying my computer to a friend . Apparently, he is obsessed with pornography online and saw him on my team . I have no problem with that, but when my father decided to watch a video on my laptop playing hit and later appeared . I do not watch porn , and I do not use windows media player . How I can eliminate those things from widows media player ? so no need to worry about my 7 year old cousin doing the same ? please help me out here .
HUGE problem?1Barre2012-09-21 22:05:03
im taking online classes . I was told by the financial aid department [ first time I spoke with them ] that the subsidy would take over the registration and everything. but when they called today I was told I have to pay the loan . I have no money to pay and I have a job to return the money . Is there anything I can do ?
HUGE homework problem, help?0katerrian2012-11-02 04:19:38
Okay, so i have this Texas State History homework, and i really need help with it. Help with any answers you can please. Thanks! 1. There is no limit to the number of terms a governor may serve. True False 2. The Texas State Legislature has the power of oversight to review the actions of other branches of government. True False 3. The Texas constitution requires that the government be set up the same way in every county. True False 4. The most common type of city government is the commission type. True False 5. How many branches of government does Texas have? two one three four 6. The judicial branch is made up of the local governments of Texas. governor and the executive staff. Senate and the House. judges in the different kinds of courts throughout Texas. 7. All of the following describe the present-day Texas constitution EXCEPT some people want it rewritten. it has over 300 amendments. it is more than 100 years old. it was rewritten in 1974. 8. By meeting with citizens, legislators are fulfilling their responsibility to represent the views of Texans. approve the governor
How can I fix my huge tax return problem?2- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2012-08-16 03:23:03
My situation is a bit complicated so please try to keep going. He felt my 2007 taxes done incorrectly, but I waited to file my 2008 taxes to fix it. I went to a different place, but, ironically, was owned by the same people who filed my taxes in 2007. I thought I only fix them. It has been six months since I told my 2007 tax would be set, which was entitled a refund of $ 150, but I recently called the IRS and it never did anything! The whole problem was that my "education" (tuition and books) were placed as "educator" and the expenditure is capped at $ 250, I spent $ 1600 out of pocket. I went to H & R Block today and was told that with the modification that I have the right to a refund for 2007. The agent also took a look at my taxes for 2008 and it appears that the original person to put my education costs twice as much! He put it as a deduction / credit and student loan as payment ... I have NEVER had any student loans, only grants and scholarships. If I make the change for 2008, chances are you owe the IRS. In addition, for 2008 my 1098 provides that the registration fee was $ 2550, we paid $ 1200 (pocket) for the spring 2008 tuition and $ 400 for books. I have received scholarships for the fall of 2008 and ended up getting a refund of $ 1,245 after paying tuition and $ 400 of that money was used to buy books. I obviously do not include amounts for the fall of 2008, as it was not out of pocket money. The agent told me that the IRS does not see rates textbooks as an expense, but that still does not explain the difference in total I have and what states, 1098. So I owe the IRS? More or less, I do not know whether to go ahead with repairs or just wait for the IRS to catch him. They obviously have not caught the mistake of 2007, but do not want aaccrue interest. Ugh! I'm soooo confused!
How can I overcome a huge financial problem?3DA2012-09-17 21:24:02
Hello , I have a huge financial problem . I had two children at an early age and unfortunately his mother and I did not work . She left me and I honestly done everything possible to rectify the situation to no avail . Well I was court ordered to pay just $ 700 a month for my two sons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I make about 40K annual gross ( after taxes and insurance is taken approximately 25,000 net ) but I've been in debt over my head just to make ends meet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My accounts are as follows per month : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Rental $ 580 Electricity $ 150 MedlinePlus Car $ 150 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Child Support $ 700 Cellphone MedlinePlus $ 50 MedlinePlus Groceries $ 150 Student Loans $ 150 MedlinePlus Total of $ 1,930 per month (not including the high price of gasoline ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With my net salary of a little over $ 2000 per month , you can easily see the problem I have . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm just paying for the essentials in life , I do not
Huge problem- loosing house-student credit lined maxed-Need more credit to get job as contractor.. HELP?0Lucy Brown2012-08-13 17:54:02
Here is my situation, I recently bought a house in my city (September 2008). 7,000 students also havea credit line department (my parents said they will pay for my short time as a helping hand) and 2,500 credit card department (maximum) $ 500 phone bill. I layed my job 3-4 months ago. and have been able neither to PAYEMENTS morgage. collectors began calling, etc. but was unable to do anything. I received a document via e Couts of saying something about the CIBC I (my bank) 108k. I think I'm being sued? Does it make sense? for not paying my morgage? What happens now? is what lies my home? Ok to continue, after searching in vain for work (rate unnemployement huge in my town) I decided to leave. Im a plumber 5 th year, so I made good money when I was working, but fired beause the industry was dead. So in light of all that I decided to move (loss of the house (I think) stress with the money and not have it) I sold my things and moved. west were theyre is work. Ive now found independent contracting work, but im broke. (He flew up here with $ 200 in his pocket. Clothing and tools). I would need a truck, LIABILTY insurance, work comp, auto insurance. a cell phone. The job pays very well. and is reliable at the time, I'll make a killing and is able to restore itself financially in no time. But I have all this department and no money. I am young, 22 years and have been silly wiht my money. Now I am in a situation and I have no idea how to get out. Seeking details or advice I can get onwhat to do. So there's some kind of loan you can get to combine my current apartment. What I can do about the house, I have been in any contact wiht them at all, and do not know what the process when you have not and can not pay. Just like having the house? I do not live there. what happens to the department? demand (I think that's what it is) And how I can get some money to get this buisness goes, (plumbin independent contractor). take me out to start over again. Figuere I will start up cost atleast $ 15,000 any help and advice is helpful. 16 minutes - 1 week to respond. Additional details I'm being recruited 50/hour, guarantee 40 hours a week (most likly be 60-70). And advances in 3 months. Its other brands 80/hour plumber
Using AutoCorrect on Windows 100alvabrown2021-10-22 03:20:03
Windows helps you automatically check and correct spelling errors or highlight misspelled words. Follow these steps to enable AutoCorrect: Press the “Win + I” key combination to launch the Settings app. Scroll to “Devices > Typing”. Enable the “AutoCorrect misspelled words” option under the “Spelling” section. tunnel rush  This feature works at the operating system level. You can set up AutoCorrect specifically for Microsoft Office documents. Open a Word or PowerPoint document. Follow the path “Files > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options…” and set the options. 
Does she really want to be with me or is she a player?0shanique2012-09-01 19:04:05
Okay so I met a girl who happens to live very close to me in line a few weeks ago. One day, I just got on Myspace and got a message from this random girl that was in my friends. She was like well I'm from there and gave me his phone number and asked me to his text. So I sent a message and we started talking and then started talking on the phone as for 2-3 nights. Then they decided to meet at an event next town. Then I met her and her best friend. She acted as if she liked me. We left a little. She huged before leaving. We sent a message after she left and she basically said that he liked me and wanted a kiss. She happened to go to a church in my hometown, where I've never been before, and I go to a diff. church, but I knew a couple of people there, so I decided to go so he could see her again. I saw her again a second time and she acted like I did not even know me and sit with me or anything. When everyone went home, however, hit or slapped in a playful way a bit I guess you could say it was sorta releaved actually started paying attention to me and so I was like "why are you acting like a stranger. thought you liked me. "So I grabbed her arm and said" sweatheart hey how are you? " so stupidly pulled away and she's like "I told you, you were a fradycat". So she was about to leave and I was too scared to hold her and do not know why, but I really wanted what I did eventually, but it took forever and she probably thought I was really a scardycat. I've never had a girlfriend and I'm not used to feeling loved by a girl like I always wanted, so anyway, since then, we talked on the phone and have a decent conversation only once and then one night I asked for a favor. She wanted to meet her and lending money, so I ended up buying their minutes to your phone. She said she would pay me back Wednesday, which was last week, when the last time I saw her in church. He did not, but it was only like $ 10, so I did not care. I have a text later saying "thank you" anyway. If she had offered again, I would probably just told him to keep it. Last week, when I saw her, he sent a message before hand and asked if she would sit with me that night and she said yes, so we ended up sitting together and I was eating one of the chocolate bars from Hershey and snatching peace boom right out of halfway in his mouth and eats it. Basically ended up sharing it so I was wondering if that was a sign that he wanted a kiss or something later. However, she was tripping on every guy that saw that night. "IN SO SO HEY!" "Aww is (no name)!" I saw someone texting and the word "baby" in your phone, so I guess I'm not the only one who is called "baby" and he kept talking about these other guys she has been sending text messages to friends lately though, as I leave I put my arm around her neck and held her in front of one of her friends. Her friend smiled at us as an "aw" Kinda look. "It showed me he really liked this one, but she did not seem to react much more. Everything since then, I've been falling in love with her, but I have not been able to get on the phone almost nothing lately I can hardly your text once a day and say hey so I'll just say hey back or something. I call and no anwser. voicemail only. She wanted me to come to see her once she wanted to know her better before I knew where he lived at that time. Curiously, after not really talk much, he sent a message the other day just to make sure we had some kind of life in our relationship so far atleast one text per day. I was like "hey" and asked "hey what are you doing tonight?" I was like nothing she asked me to relax. basically told me to just let me know something and then, there is no text back ........ .. i waited and waited and finally, it was getting really late to go to someone's house to visit. 9ish and 10ish and so I was like ok, so I guess it's too late, so I guess I sent a good night ME message last night at 6:34 pm:. "hey how are you" ......... ME: at 7:48 pm "Hey" ............... She ... 10:53 pm "Hey sorry I was in the shower" ......... Me: "oh :)" ............... reply .......... so I just told him good night. I used to text me everyday "good morning baby / Love" is not doing lately. I want to see more. Wants a relationship with her. I wanna date her but idk how she really feels about me, it confuses me. now her best friend and me not getting only too well. their best friend is mad at me because I annoied with text messages asking for your help and advice. do not think my crush knows that his best friend hates me now. I would like the opportunity to tell your friend who was upset for her, but s
Can I get a legit install of windows xp if I have the CD key?1Leanna2012-10-06 20:45:02
I bought Skyrim when it first came out , but I've been having this problem where you run super fast to the point where I can not even get into it . The cutscenes are disjointed and the characters can not even finish his lines before having to start the next . Sometimes when i restart my computer , it will work fine. But if I play for a while , will have the same problems . I do not think it's the game because I had the same problem with Assassins Creed Revelations , I think it has something to do with my OS because I had to use a bootleg of a coworker lent me when I reformatted my hard drive . Before that , Skyrim and Assassins Creed worked great on my team . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I need to get a legitimate copy of Windows XP , but I really hate the idea of paying out cash to license an operating system that should already have the rights to use .
Would you rather get a loan to buy a car with automatic windows or buy a cheaper one without...?1Cookiie2012-10-23 18:08:02
I really think that cars that do not have automatic windows is a big change for me outside MedlinePlus but I hate having to get a loan too MedlinePlus What should I do ? MedlinePlus Do you think power windows really matter ?
Why on earth would you need a loan of you are an NFL player?8Tanicha2012-09-04 09:02:02
I read the article on Yahoo news today saying NFL players are scrmabling to borrow , because if the blockade continues , they will not have a paycheck coming in the next year. I do not understand why I should expect to obtain a loan as fast if you are making millions of dollars per year. Even the crappiest NFL player earns enough money to pay a mortgage on a decent house , buy a couple of new cars with cash and still have plenty of money left over to live comfortably for a couple of years. What 's the deal ?
I want to buy a home that needs a couple new windows and has a slightly wet basement...?3reynalyn villanueva2012-08-29 05:43:04
I have an FHA loan , but http://www.hud.gov/buying/loans.cfm says I can do yet. Now, it's bank owned .. But my real estate agent usually tells me that the FHA will tell you that we know at the top keeper ( although that's not what im reading here ) also said there is no guarantee that they will get and could be a waste of 6 months , which I also do not understand .. the FHA to buy me a house that has a couple of windows to be replaced , and as long as the basement walls are safe, and the problem can be solved (which would be doing as soon as possible ) will most likely be agree on that ? I'm so confused by what you say, and what others say . I do not want to waste my time , but I really love this place .. and a couple of windows and "maybe" a wet basement can be arranged .. I would like to find a way how to make it work if the problem can be fixed the basement.

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