Have to ask Grandma for a loan!!?

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I've been in search of a new car , saving gas for a couple of weeks now . I currently I have a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee , I want it, but it's so old that I put so much money into it , and is a gas guzzler . I had the feeling he was about to die , again , and yesterday began Makin some unpleasant noises and frankly I'm afraid to even drive it. MedlinePlus I have exhausted all my other options and have tried to get a car / loan on my own, but my credit is on the border of where I need at least a co -signer . I have many people around me that I would, but can not because your credit is too bad. My only option now seems to me to ask my grandmother either co - sign for a loan or it straght . Honestly , I think it will , it's just the whole thing has me asking him going crazy and my nerves are shot . MedlinePlus My grandmother lives in New York and is here visiting , so they are the closest you can afford .... but could be closer than we are ... MedlinePlus Adding additional information ******

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