If I just purchased a house how fast can I buy another? related questions

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If I just purchased a house how fast can I buy another?0Brenna2012-10-04 18:06:39
My husband and I just bought our first house in May 2010 . We took out a loan of 45k less than what they were approved for . I found a rental property (4 units ) I am interested in buying .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can get another mortgage ? Fast? We have good credit , and has no debt besides the house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Is it a bad time to refinance your car when you just purchased a house?0Sylvia2012-10-03 08:18:52
Husband ordered one but was denied for a reason "high debt ratio ." Well , that's true cousin who just bought a house! He does not have a lot of credit card debt ( about1k ) and has good credit score (720) . The debt has been high only because of our new loan. Now is a good time to refinance your car ? : (
If a house is jointly purchased by a couple, will both get tax benefit?0ARC2012-09-01 02:41:02
If husband and wife are co-owner of a house / Flat , they will both get tax benefit on loan / repayment of principal ? What will be the amount of the tax deduction per year for each of them? will be half full tax rebate ( as tax rule in India ) ?
On a default student loan can they take property that you have purchased. Like land/ house/car ect?1Alle2012-08-30 19:52:04
In a student loan default can take property that you have purchased . As the land / house / car ect ?
What is the best way to pay for newly purchased house by cash/credit ( without lone)in installments?1shilpa2012-10-10 08:38:03
I recently purchased a home in a different state to be delivered next year . I signed the agreement and fees mentioned in % of total costs according to the project's completion . I have not had a mortgage I can afford the above. The builder has given HSBC account number of payments . Just drop the mere finding how I can be sure you are properly credited for my plot . It is a large colony , so a lot of other people could be deposited at the same time ?
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?0lorenzo2012-08-17 05:20:03
Hey. I have a question about joint ownership ( also known as: ? Common Tenure ) My boyfriend and I to buy a house together. As I am currently unemployed , I'm doing all the work of reseraching , etc. literature search , and then do the work in the fixer and provides the money and has purchased the loan on your behalf. Our contract is being written this weekend and running do not think my name may be included in the contract unless my name is in the financial records . Is this an accurate statement ? If so , what process we use to protect my legal rights to own part of the house and when to do ? Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.
Can I still get the 1st time home buyer credit if I purchased a house with a loan from my father-in-law?0Hayley2012-10-16 18:55:44
My wife and I bought a house in July 2009 . We took a loan from my father - in - law to finance the home . He did not own the house , we bought except traditionally presented at the closing with a check for the full amount of my FIL and we have a loan agreement and payment schedule with him . He hired a lawyer and the whole thing was created legally . The house is in our name , my FIL just had money saved and wanted to give us a good loan rate and making him a better return on your money that would otherwise sit there . Are we still eligible for the credit ?
We purchased a house four years ago using my husband VA home loan benefit, it has since been refinanced.?0agksg zgh2012-08-22 07:37:23
I was curious to know how many times you can use the VA loan . Is long one ? Or can be reused in a future purchase . Not 100% percent sure I want but trying to investigate all options. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have excellent credit scores of 700 high. MedlinePlus Earn over 80k and job security is very good MedlinePlus And have been in our jobs for two years MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also curious how realistic is the monthly payment of $ 260,000 with a 10% down to 30 years each of fifteen or conventional . I've seen all the ads that say what appear false reimbursement amounts of $ 740 per ( not trying to pay for 50 years ) would be months when I'm actually south over $ 1100 per month.
Is it illegal for a realtor to write a home purchase for a higher amount than what the house was purchased 4?1Cady2012-09-22 13:21:02
My company Realty and Title Agency wrote to my purchase of a home in 132,000, when in fact only paid 117,000 (full amt of loan you borrowed ) . Then there is a line between these two figures that says CASH : 15,000. I do not understand what is happening here . I was a home buyer first time I had a mortgage broker who never secured my loan when I gave the house to go shopping . 2 1/2 months and 1 day before I had to close on the house , she called me and said he needed more 6k down payment . It was open to my research credit from banks for over 2 months and my credit score dropped from 730 to 560 and nobody would give me a loan at that time. My real estate agent and then took me to another mortgage company that gave me the worst loan but they said I had to take because it was required by law to buy the house . This is where the numbers purchase / loan / box come up . I know this is a lot of information , but I wonder if there is anything I can do or anyone I can sue?
Is a rental house bought with a commercial loan taxed differently than one purchased with a normal home loan?0Delneisha2012-09-28 05:34:02
I financed 100 % with my partner through a commercial loan to be guaranteed and simple. It is a house near an industrial area and we would rezone commercial sale . However, the costs associated with the rezoning were excessive and now I like to sit on it for a while, but we are paying high rates of commercial loans and would like to get the monthly payment .
About those "We buy your house... fast!" companies....?0shontel2012-09-23 13:07:02
OK ... so my husband and I have two houses . I had an apartment before we got married and then got the loan for the house we live in now . MedlinePlus We lived in the apartment for two years . The first year sat vacant while we worked on cleaning up our things . The second year we spent several months cleaning and painting . He then listed for a few months , but the market ( Missouri ) is slow . Now we are renting to a friend of my husband . My question is ... I'm anxious to sell this thing and get rid of it . I was looking for options on the internet and found sales pitches that try to " sell your house fast ! " Has anyone heard anything bad about these companies ? Has anyone used ?
Need some help fast. About closing on a house ..?2Alarice2012-10-12 19:14:02
Ok here 's the deal , I am the seller and I have sold my house . Closing was scheduled for yesterday, but was delayed until today at 1 pm . We, in a sign the papers with Attorany , and my buyer . I saw the check. After performing the signature . Newspapers, said Attorany sent someone to the court house to do somthing with the title . He dident explain well . Anyway , he said he'd be back before 4pm and you were going to call me so I could come by check . At 4 I went to the office of Attorany , said she has not yet returned , and asked if I wanted to go back tomarrow , I said I 'm not waiting , seemed stunned , and said it was fine . Since then , the lady incharge loan bank called twice ... Geting 'm worried , is the actual title ? After closing paper work is signed , it is they need to go to the courthouse for somthing to do with the title ? Or is it just a lie to say that I have my money ? And the last question , are not you supposed to be paid to closeing ? What I can do , I have received only 25 minutes before the office closed ?

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