What do you think I can do to beat depression? Why do I keep feeling so worthless, helpless & hopeless?

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I got my BA in Spanish from August 2006 . Have not been able to find any work since. I feel very overwhelmed and stressed . When it comes to job hunting , avoiding applying because I 'm not good enough or that do not meet the requirements . Many jobs require you to have a valid driver's license , a car with good credit and insurance , all of which I have not. I feel that I have no skills or abilities . I'm not even fluent in Spanish yet! Instead of studying and practicing , I feel dejected, be sad . And when I try to study , I can not because my OCD unwanted thoughts , intrusive distraction. I always try too hard to do the best I could , but I give up easily and I feel like I'm wasting time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel inferior to everyone, and even though I have 24 years , I still feel like a child . I feel so overwhelmed that I forget the obligations necessary , such as sending documents student deferment loan and so on . I really feel mentally disabled .
Answer1Sherkyra845Answered at 2012-10-11 23:24:44
First, go see your doctor and follow some antidepressants . They take about a month to take effect , plus you may have to experiment to find the right medication for you . MedlinePlus Then , get a job that does not need a car . Some place that can be reached by public transport . A bank teller can be a good option . MedlinePlus Once you have some income coming in, driving lessons and get a license. Find someone like your parents or a friend , that will allow you to practice in your car . MedlinePlus Then get a car and insurance , and apply for a better job (which requires) . Most jobs do not require good credit , and you can pay part of their debt once you have an income. MedlinePlus Once you lose the feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless ( that drugs should be handled ) , the rest seems pretty easy . Most people do these things, you just need a little help from your doctor .
Answer2MaisyAnswered at 2012-10-26 07:13:01
I am the same I always see myself as not as elaborate as everyone else. Although once drew 100 people for a job I still felt I did not deserve it and I got so nervous . MedlinePlus I would say the best thing you can do is start small maybe help in day care for children who speak Spanish or some other thing that takes care of children who are easier to talk and that will help you win confidence to use their skills with adults. As volunteers
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