Struggling INFJ...feeling so lost...what to do with my life...go back to nursing?

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I was in a nursing home last year, but was feeling so discouraged and felt that the program was not for me, so I moved to another program (a program of arts). I was studying at uni is in the arts program at first (before changing to the hospital), so I continued with the program. But I have to declare my major and I'm not sure what to choose. I could not do philosophy (with the brands) or Sociology. My parents think that philosophy is a waste and advised me not to. They say that sociology is better and can be better applied to more jobs there. I'm trying to do what's best for me, so I'm trying to make my own decision, in the end, but I am confused about what to do. For more in Sociology, I have to get 80% or more in the sociology course I'm taking now before it can be accepted into the program. I really do not want to do sociology, but I'm still trying to do well in the course. As for philosophy, I have brands need to specialize in it, but I worry that if I do what will be important in unable to find a job when I graduate. I do not want to be a teacher, so I'm not planning on getting a masters in it or anything. All my friends I started uni with 3 years have passed and I'm still behind, struggling with what to do. I know these two courses: Sociology and Philosophy are not the best in terms of securing a job lateron, and that's my biggest fear. I do not want to be in sch for 3 years, and graduates can not find work. I have 15,000 in student loans already. I know first hand what it is to have a hard time finding a job, and I do not want that after spending four years in college. I've been thinking about going back to nursing. I know my family will think I'm crazy, but I just want to stick to one thing and do it this time. I'm thinking of applying to another nursing school (not the one I went to last year) and I hope this time things'll be different. But I worry that I will not get because they'll look at my application and see that I have been coming and going to school and they can prove that I am a committed person (and I really am, 've just had a time difficult to find my niche where it is). Or maybe not take me because they will see that I have already completed one year of nursing at another school, and I say this because I read somewhere that nursing schools for students who have no previous experience of nursing, and I have a year of it. If you wonder why I left the nursing program in the first place, were the practical feared. I always felt like I was never good enough there and I felt like all my grp other students i knew what they were doing, except me. I always felt like I did not belong. I have no problem with the nursing courses themselves (though I think the theoretical to be a bit boring), and I loved pharmacology and pathophysiology. I loved learning about diseases, drugs, etc. I'm just confused. Should I apply to nursing schools again? This time I'm staying with him. I'm worried about what my family'll think. They'll think you probably need psychiatric help or maybe there is something wrong with me. And I do not want them to worry too much, especially my father, because I have really tried to be supportive, but this time when I say that I'm thinking about going back to nursing, will be very angry and I do not really want them hypertension . Anyone can advise me?

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