Statute of Limitations on a defaulted car loan.?

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I'm in Texas , and a court has just issued a default judgment in an old car loan . I've been researching the laws / rights and I 'm asking this. MedlinePlus 1. What is the SOL of them sueing me ? MedlinePlus 2. Does your state (Ga. but the original company is in New York is a collection agency now ) wrong? MedlinePlus 3. Introduced in a county that never lived in. I do not know who submitted . Does that matter at all ? MedlinePlus 4. If the sun is out ( I paid the last payment to the original creditor in approx . 2003) I can file for a mistrial and the case dismissed all? MedlinePlus Other notes . I was served in October 2007 . The case apparently went to court last week and the collection agency granted a default judgment for my absence . Never was notified by the court or other counsel of the court date . Also , the day after we receive the service in October , called the atty otherwise. to ask for proof of oweness , who pledged to send but never actually did . Should it matter? The loan of $ 12,000
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So served with court papers - but never keep track of them . This is not an excuse for missing his court date . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The opposing counsel has no obligation to provide anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Looks like you're out of luck . By missing your court date he lost his opportunity to present his version of events .
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