Can a collection agency garnish my tax refund if a civil case was dismissed?

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I bounced a check 10 years ago ( it will be 10 years in July ) for a company of payday loans for about $ 500. I forgot about the debt when I joined the military and left later that year . I got a call this morning from the debt collection agency CRA saying they wanted to agree a payment plan for the amount of $ 1238 or a 1099 would be presented to have my refund garnished. I told them I would not accept anything until I did some research , and it had been so long . They agreed to give me a week. After hours of searching online on the Ohio Statute of limitations online , I decided to search court records . I tried to sue in December 2001 ( the check was written in July 2001 ) and the case was " fired" by the judge. I was never notified of the hearing to begin with and did not know anything about being sued until today. Can they garnish my federal tax refund and foremost because a "trial" was fired ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, I found a 1099 was a way that you get to file your tax return when you have been given money that was not taxed .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secondly , I thought the prescription was 7 years. I read online that the SOL in unconsecrated checks is 3 years for the state of Ohio .
Answer1cool kidAnswered at 2012-10-05 16:48:57
agency is lying . with only a few exceptions , the IRS does not operate as a collection agency .
Answer2mARTEKAAnswered at 2012-10-26 15:25:48
Whatever you do , do not make any payment arrangements with these clowns ! The time for them to collect this debt was long ago ! They already tried the legal route and depending on if it was presented to the court , did not have their papers in order or , in some cases, payday loans are illegal in some states ... I fired. Now , even if it was dismissed without prejudice (meaning they could go get the evidence they needed to convince the judge that he owed money) to demand time is long gone ! Sounds like what you are dealing with is a sewer collector is hoping you're not as smart as it is obvious they are! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You owe a penny not .. Well, not legally anyway! This debt should not show on your credit report , it must be within the SOL to sue MedlinePlus etc. MedlinePlus If I were you , I would not pay a dime !
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