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Help!!assignment!!java!!?16Bartle2022-06-06 07:37:40
Sanchez Construction Loan Co. provides loans of up to $ 100,000 for construction projects. There are two categories of loans - those MedlinePlus * Business and those individual applicants. MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus * Is an application that tracks all new construction loans. The application also must calculate the total amount due at the USDA Agricultural Research * Expiration Date (original loan amount + fee loan). MedlinePlus * The application must include the following classes: * Loan - public abstract class that implements the interface LoanConstants. A loan includes a loan number, customer name above, MedlinePlus * The loan amount, interest rate and term. MedlinePlus * The constructor requires data for each of the fields, except the interest rates. Do not allow loan amounts over $ 100,000. Forcing any MedlinePlus * Loan Term is not one of the three LoanConstants class defined in the short term, one-year loan. Create a toString () MedlinePlus * Method showing all loan data. MedlinePlus * LoanConstants - A class public interface. LoanConstants includes constant values ​​of short-term (one year), medium term (three years) * Or long term (five years) loans. * Also contains constants for the company name and the maximum amount. MedlinePlus * BusinessLoan - A public class that extends loan. The constructor sets the intersest BusinessLoan rate of 1% on the current prime MedlinePlus * Interest rate. MedlinePlus * PersonalLoan - A public class that extends loan. The PersonalLoan constructor sets the interest rate to 2% over the current prime MedlinePlus * Interest rate. MedlinePlus * CreateLoans - An application that creates an array of five loans. PROMT the user the current prime rate. Then, in a loop, * Prompt the user for a type of loan and all information revelant to that loan. Loan store objects created in the matrix. When MedlinePlus * Data entry is complete, show all loans. MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus * Save the file as: MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus *
Java: Loop isn't working, help?0Lourane2012-09-12 19:18:03
Short details of the mission : I need to create a loan calculator to calculate payment information during three separate loans . ( information includes payment , interest paid per month , the remaining balance ) . This must be done for each loan until they reach 0.00. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For some reason my loop is not computing time and again . Only calculated the first loan payment of 2 and 3 , and that's it . So I do not know what I'm doing wrong . Instead of copying all the code here , I thought it was just bad coding loops ? So here it is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus for ( int i = 1; i < = ( totalPayments [ i ] ) ; i + + ) MedlinePlus { MedlinePlus MedlinePlus interestPaid [i ] = ( Balance [ i] * yearlyInterest [i ]) / oneYear ; MedlinePlus principalPaid [i ] = paymentAmount [i] - interestPaid [i]; MedlinePlus paymentAmount [i ] = paymentAmount [i ] = Balance [i ] * ( monthlyInterest [i ] * Math.pow ((1 + monthlyInterest [ i]), totalPayments [ i]) ) / (( Math.pow ((1 + monthlyInterest [ i]), totalPayments [ i]) - 1)) ; MedlinePlus MedlinePlus LoanData (Balance [i], principalPaid [i], interestPaid [i], loanTerm [i ], i, yearlyInterest [i], paymentAmount [i ]); MedlinePlus MedlinePlus if ( i % 12 == 1) MedlinePlus { MedlinePlus MedlinePlus System.out.println ( " Term Loan = " + loanTerm [ i ] + "years " + " t " + " Interest Rate = " + String.Format ( " % .2 f " , yearlyInterest [ i ] * 100) + " % " ) ; MedlinePlus System.out.println ( " _____________
[java]Loan repayment calc?0kyaria2012-08-26 13:50:03
I've been working on a repayment loan calculator simple , I'm thinking about asking for a mortgage on a new house and I'm selling something soon . That said, my first program calculates the amount / month would pay. My code for that is here : < / a> MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I concluded that I could probably save a lot of money if you pay once a year ( since the interest not accumulate faster / higher) , but I can not think of how to make something like a mort 30 years , and the program payment once a year using the code I've already done . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help ? MedlinePlus - Thanks
Need help with java program to compute monthly payment of a car loan with user input?0HELP URGANT!2012-11-02 01:11:19
I am in java 101 so its beginner code so don't get too complex. Here is the code i have so far. It works but gets the wrong answer. import javax.swing.*; import java.text.*; public class Project2 { public static void main(String[] args) { double carPrice, downPayment, annualInterestRate, monthlyPayment; int numberOfPayments; System.out.println("This program computes monthly payment for a car loan given price of a car, down payment, interest rate and number of payments."); String userCarPrice = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Please enter the Price of the car"); carPrice = Double.parseDouble(userCarPrice); String userDownPayment = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Please enter the down payment"); downPayment = Double.parseDouble(userDownPayment); String userAnnualInterestRate = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Please enter the annual interest rate"); annualInterestRate = Double.parseDouble(userAnnualInterestRat
Java: How do I have the main function call separate method to print schedule?0Chick-Fool-a 2012-08-12 01:59:03
To my java class , I wrote a program for a summary of monthly car loan payment . Now I'm supposed to modify the code to print the loan amortization schedule moves aside a void function (method). Then , if a loan, the main function call to print the calendar. How I can do this? Thanks in advance ...
This problem concerns the production of a java program that will calculate repayments on a student loan for a ?0 vows: Ping â¿´ 2012-10-04 01:27:14
Specification of the problem : MedlinePlus This problem relates to the production of a Java program that calculates the payments on a student loan for one year. Payments are based on the ex -student
This problem concerns the production of a java program that will calculate repayments on a student loan for a ?1Linda Wortham2019-04-07 20:07:36
Specification of the problem : MedlinePlus This problem relates to the production of a Java program that calculates the payments on a student loan for one year. Payments are based on the ex -student
Assignment Help 02021-10-06 07:29:01
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Assignment Help 02021-05-10 09:56:24
Im stuck on my assignment can anybody help?2quavious2012-11-05 23:32:02
In 1996 , Christopher purchased the freehold of an empty shop for
Deed of trust with assignment of rents?1Gummies17 2012-10-10 12:36:03
lent us a woman got past 20,000 years in a rented house customers a nonprofit organization . ( Good cause ) She dwells in the note in November and last month to stop paying the agreed interest . our understanding is that now not been paying the mortgage payments (although the rent collection customers) and is approaching its third afternoon . If the bank files a notice of default that our deed of trust still get paid ? What if filing a notice of default to the bank ? Can we do this without a foreclosure service or attorney ? What exactly our rights with this particular form ?
Could some one explain these terms. need to rewrite them for assignment?0rusty trambone 2012-09-16 01:58:05
In the case of a fixed rate loan , in the event of early repayment of the loan in full or in part , for any reason , or converting to a variable rate or fixed within the initial fixed rate period or any additional or subsequent fixed rate period , the Borrower shall pay an amount which is calculated according to the following formula (quantity x ( R -R1 ) x Time ) divided by 36,500 and for the purposes of this formula , the variables are defined as follows : 'Amount ', the average balance of the amount repaid early or converted from the date of redemption or conversion at the end of the fixed rate term , allowing scheduled repayments in the case of a loan provision , this is equal to the total amount of the early redemption or conversion . ' R' means the cost of funds for the Bank's fixed rate period incorporated in the current interest rate on the loan . ' R1 ' means the interest rate available to the Bank 's funds placed in the money market on the date of prepayment or conversion for the remainder of the fixed fee . " Time" , the number of days from the date of prepayment or conversion at the end of the relevant fixed rate period .

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