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Can My Case be dismissed if I go to trial?1BABI2012-10-21 04:54:02
I have been accused of identity fraud in georgia. He was charged March 8th. I have a lawyer appointed by the court and she said the case could be better because they have no physical evidence and have to prove who committed the crime in that county. Well, I did not do the crime. They are saying that this was because the gentleman was being used SSN for a loan online and the money was trying to be connected to my bank savings account, an account that was not used in like 3 or 4 months, and I did not know my account number. I was called for questioning and asked me many questions and also asked me to take a lie detector test that I did not. Four days later had the county sheriff's office of my coming to issue a warrant for my arrest and custody hold me until the other county sheriff got there. I was questioned again, but I was silent. I bail the next day and this was in October 2010. It was not indicted until March 2011. When I went to my pretrial jury last week the prosecutor offered me a contract of 5 years probation. My laywer then told me again that they have no physical evidence that just say I did it because I did contact information gentlemen because I worked in the store as a cashier and I found all your information when I took Messrs. check when he paid to shop. But it was my job to take the information and put it on the computer because it stores the policy of asking no SSN or DL ​​number and date of birth. I did not take the plea deal, because I still think I can beat the case and I'm not about to plead guilty to something he did not. I think I need another lawyer because I do not think my court appointed lawyer is good. I am still waiting dismissed charges when you go to court because I do not want to be a convicted criminal and go to school to be a nurse who really do not need this in my record. I need answers about what is the best option.
Can a case (account car loan) that was dismissed 4 years in court case in georgia for want of prosecution ?0Denese2012-09-16 15:13:08
can this case be tried in the same court . the statue of limitations has expired MedlinePlus dismissed for lack of prosecution Feb, 10, 2006 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus no notice was served . I got this information from MedlinePlus court case research MedlinePlus This case was first introduced in August 2004 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus now can try this same cause in 2007 .
Can a collection agency garnish my tax refund if a civil case was dismissed?3chloe x2012-10-26 15:27:00
I bounced a check 10 years ago ( it will be 10 years in July ) for a company of payday loans for about $ 500. I forgot about the debt when I joined the military and left later that year . I got a call this morning from the debt collection agency CRA saying they wanted to agree a payment plan for the amount of $ 1238 or a 1099 would be presented to have my refund garnished. I told them I would not accept anything until I did some research , and it had been so long . They agreed to give me a week. After hours of searching online on the Ohio Statute of limitations online , I decided to search court records . I tried to sue in December 2001 ( the check was written in July 2001 ) and the case was " fired" by the judge. I was never notified of the hearing to begin with and did not know anything about being sued until today. Can they garnish my federal tax refund and foremost because a "trial" was fired ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, I found a 1099 was a way that you get to file your tax return when you have been given money that was not taxed .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secondly , I thought the prescription was 7 years. I read online that the SOL in unconsecrated checks is 3 years for the state of Ohio .
What can I do about my disability determination case worker if she is not actively working on my case?2karie2012-11-03 09:42:02
I live in Oklahoma and applies for SSI in January. February my case was assigned to a caseworker with the Department of Disability Determination. I already submitted my forms and requested medical records from my doctors. My doctors office has already submitted and resubmit the documents that she says I have to be resubmitted in order to process my case. Is three weeks after the date of 120 days. I have scoliosis, but due to car accidents last year was I'm left with a herniated disc and back (57 degree curve), I need my spine fused, my knees replaced, and repaired tendons in my right wrist and hand. My left wrist has been used and in what I need for my next surgery scheduled to have my bones shortened because the doll's arm is not working. I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, and I'm in so much pain that sometimes I can not think or see clearly. Im afraid to have another surgery done because my bills (student loans, rent, are eating me alive) I can not work or return to school even though I'm almost ready. I can not afford any of my medications and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has informed me that they need a decision before I could help. Is there anything I can do about my student loans? I tried to tell Sallie Mae I'm disabled and I said oh well pay! They will, or can garnish my paycheck guarantors? Before this mess I was only 12 hours short of graduation on my way to medical school. My credit is destroyed behind this. ¿I can get private student loans? I tried to start a business so it could generate some income, but I have no money are not loans or grants to persons with disabilities? What should I do? Thank you very much for your help all suggestions are welcome!
What are my choices after Chapter 13 was dismissed due to non- payment, b/c of job loss? No secured debt left.0tiffany mccormick2012-10-10 03:29:29
I can resubmit ? ? ? I can present ch . 7? Still I have $ 20k in medical debt and I am supporting 3 children. I still owe my lawyer $ 1,200.00 , ( b / c of their negligence ! ) And I will not see unless you have cash in hand . I am in need of help, I lost my car after dismissal , and now I have to beg rides to get to my new job , and people are not exactly lining up to lend money or a pileup old with a layoff . I've been rejected by all , despite making good money now . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Trial Balance:?0Marge2012-08-15 04:07:02
Trial Balance : Capital 92103, 314294 Sales, other sales 33212 , SBI loan of 9800, GNP 61,952 loan , assets 82635 , 13000 strong , G / ADMN . EXPS . 195083 , 7868 Thriller , 44256 petty cash , receivables 128,689.14 , Bank of Baroda 39,829.86 . ( Pls. tell me the result of the exercise of genuine case )
Adjusted trial balance in a worksheet.?0Aquion2012-09-11 12:44:04
During the first week of January 2010 , María del Norte began an interior design business called Star Interiors Limited. She kept track of the receipts and disbursements of cash and reconciled their monthly statements , but not maintain formal accounting records . MedlinePlus The business was a success and Mary wants to borrow $ 10,000 from the bank. However, you must file financial statements prepared on the accrual basis before the bank will consider your loan application . She knows that you know a lot more about this than I do, so he has hired to prepare the necessary conditions for the bank . She also gives the following schedule and additional information. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Star Interiors Limited. MedlinePlus Schedule of cash receipts and disbursements for the year ended December 31, 2010 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Income Expenses MedlinePlus Investment $ 90,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 55,200 Team MedlinePlus Supplies $ 36,600 Rent 28,800 MedlinePlus 5400 Insurance MedlinePlus Advertising (all full ad ) 10 800 MedlinePlus Assistant Salaries 55,200 MedlinePlus Phone 2940 MedlinePlus Withdrawals by Mary 57000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 184,500 Income Design The cash balance 22,560 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TOTAL $ 247.500 $ 247,500 MedlinePlus
What are my chances of this court date not being a trial?2Brandis2012-09-07 01:24:03
took in a young im only 21 clean record who was married at the time of my husband paid for his life with us, because I concidered a sister. 23she shes got fired from her job for missing she got a credit card 2 and was using loans and then another loan to pay off your card and used again. never paid the rent or food that was on my cell phone paid tthree times had no car for me . I have witnesses that she told him she was going to ruin my life I even had my email passwords . the police have tellng texts me aftr i kicked him to get his stuff 2gether so I can help you pay cus i dnt want to end up with a bad note , but wantd to leave. tryn 2 me it is about fraud . My best friend is his testimony and has seen and permission of the flock that has given me all the time to sign and use your card. I feel lik that set me up . wat are my chances of dropng just this. girl singing aford a lawyer and is living illegally in the base with another person. ¿ I can file charges if you leave it down ? will be a help wit
I am doing journal entries and producing revised trial balance?0Savana2012-09-02 11:14:04
can someone please help im stuck with two answers . MedlinePlus first is a refund of
Accounting-journal entries and produce revised trial balance?1donovan2012-10-11 16:05:02
can someone please help with these two journal entries MedlinePlus - At first return
Law question for Florida, has anyone have been sued from a credit card company? what can you expect at trial?0Rocio2012-10-10 18:50:39
My sister has been accompanied by a civil suit by a credit card company . She has been for the past eight years disputed the amount owed , but always ignored . Your minimum payment was more than double , and could not afford to pay that much , back and forth , stopped sending payments until the co . adjust the balance of the dispute and reduce monthly payments . 8 years ago that had been established , and she had to pay a fixed interest rate for the remainder of the balance , and no change is supposed to happen , but it did increase the interest to double. She works very hard , two jobs, and her husband became disabled and had no insurance . The company called and offered to settle for a deal , and they would call later to indicate how to make payment agreement. we called to inform him that the agreement was not accepted , and I had to pay all + + + . He got most of the amount due , paid and donated by family and friends , and now is not acceptable . I live in a different state , but I will take time off to be with her at trial. He contacted an attorney who sent a letter , and he wants more than the demand , needless to say , they can not afford legal representation . MedlinePlus Has anyone here had experience with this type of dress ? Where I can find information online about how to proceed. I will be grateful for your help . MedlinePlus God Bless
Can a wife with children claim(housing and others) benefits if husband initiates a trial separation ?1Julinni2012-10-24 14:13:02
My other half wants to start a trial separation as things at home are very tight and the environment is not good for our two young children . He is involved in tasks of heated discussions with the lawyers of the family ( some are quite influential in the town ) members in southern Italy , who apparently are deceiving a lot of valuable land she inherited . I begged to leave this alone and get a new job (his business failed last year) , but he refuses saying that its just a matter of time before he wins. We rent arrears of more than four months and has no income apart from child benefit and small loans that give husbands friends . We have never claimed benefits since we live in the UK , but I see no option and now we have to think about the children.I am currently completing a Masters in Marketing and hope to be at work soon .

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