Are you more likely to get a small business loan if you have a degree? related questions

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I have B-tech degree and intend to start a small scale business ,so any loan facilities for technical degree .?0Isaac2012-08-20 21:19:26
I have B - tech degree and intend to start a business on a small scale , so that the loan services of technical grade. ?
Are you more likely to get a small business loan if you have a degree?0Jamese2012-10-03 17:55:00
Is a person more likely to get a small business loan if he / she has a master's degree, or even an associates degree ? Answers preferably experience or bank worker .
Is an associates degree in business management the best course to opening a small business?1vinton benjamin2012-08-13 14:55:36
I'm thinking of getting an associates degree in business management and marketing .... this is the best way to go about looking good in a business education loan application that is wise?
I want to open a small business (ice cream shop) ...what degree requirement is needed?0agirl2012-10-05 18:03:34
If you want ot get a loan from a bank for a small business , do I need a partner , singles, a certificate in entrepreneurship / business ? ? ? What?
I am interested in starting a small business. Can I get a small business loan with no prior credit history?1some2012-10-07 01:55:02
I'm looking for a place and I'm asking for a starting $ 50,000 loan to start up a hair, shoes and clothing store. ? I can get the loan if I have no previous credit history ? What is the easiest way to get the loan ?
If I want to find a small business for sale in Western Montana, how do I get a small business loan?4Ryan!2012-10-24 13:42:49
I'm thinking of a small business selling some sort or maybe a motel.
Can i get a small business loan or find an investor for my small business that is 7 months old?1MIKE.2012-08-24 19:50:19
I started this business with my own personal savings and now I need some help my credit card is very great between the 500 - 560score but need help with some capital and inventory. Does anyone know who would be willing to invest or a bank that is willing to offer you a loan . I am asking $ 7,000.00. This put me back in business.
How tough will it be to get a small-business loan? I'm an existing small business owner.?0Reiny2012-10-04 19:42:25
Looking to get a small business loan for about 10k . How hard is now to get a loan ? 8 years ago I had no problem getting a loan to start my existing business. But given the problems and recession eoncomy I know idea what to expect when I walk in. What is a good interest rate right now and I should try a credit union ?
WHere can i get a small business loan from a private party or a small business investor?1liquid ice 2012-10-06 03:38:02
my brother and I want to open a small restaurant on sunset blvd Hot Wings .. Now that we have a great location the problem is that what used to be an office , so we have to start from scratch means that the installation of a kitchen and all requirements of cities .. We have about 25,000 to start thinking that would be enough , but it is not .. from what we heard it would take about 50 to 60K so we need a private loan or an investor ... I have a good feeling about this i just do not have the money .. if you would like to make my dream come true or learn about how to get all this done much cheaper , please feel free to reply ... MedlinePlus thanks so much ACE
Small Business Questions. How does my Business Plan Look? Whats the best way to get a small loan?0CL2012-08-15 05:10:02
Me and my wife started a Christian concert hall . We have been open for 3 weeks. We have done quite well, but I really need the money to float for a few months while building and to buy some things for the business. I wondered what you might think of my business plan and if you had any ideas ? Thanks I do not know how to attach a business plan here, so I'll post this link. To learn more about us to understand the plan that our website are some pictures and stuff.
I'm looking at starting a small business do you need excellant credit to get a Small Business Loan?0snicky2012-10-11 14:40:52
This kart is a small business , would be a society , but new to this game any ideas on how to raise capital to start would be great
How would you cope with having a college degree & living in a small town with NO jobs?1L.A2012-09-21 10:22:02
Kroger not even hire me ! Not that I want to work there , but something is better than nothing. People tell me I have to swallow my pride and settle for less . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It feels like you can not get a job quickly , then I will not be able to pay off my student loans , and I will not be able to move to a larger city where there are more jobs . All they have is a grocery , retail education , and fast food . My GPA is not enough for teacher certification , because of my mental disability . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel trapped and stuck . There is no way for me to escape this.

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