Does anyone know of a fast free way to find out what grants you can apply for? related questions

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Does anyone know of a fast free way to find out what grants you can apply for?0Poppy2012-10-03 15:23:13
or maybe a way to make money fast or request any help fanancial ? I found my dream home and sell it for much less than it's worth really do not want to take a loan .. any advice?
Where can I find free access to apply for government grants or small business loans?2Roderick2012-11-03 11:22:03
Where I can find free access to apply for government grants or loans for small businesses ?
Grants For College That Are Free To Apply For And Have A High Return Rate?1MUWAHIDA2012-10-25 21:28:02
I attend a community college and I need money to help an additional cost of college Gas , Information Costs certification exams, and most importantly get new form of transportation . I have to get a car and my question , is there any grants out there that I can help you with this request that you do not need a new car just something I Fuel Efficient To Get Back And Forth to college . In any case, what types of scholarships are available within North Carolina or federal that I can apply to have a high rate of return if you will. Need extra money for college and student loans is not an option . I can receive a Pell grant for my books and tuition. I want to make sure you take advantage of everything that is available to people who go to college . I'm just looking for free ways to apply for grants that are fairly easy to do. If you know of something , please respond or if you know a good place to start or look . Please only serious answers . And thank you all for your time thanks .
Where can i find the best free online grants and loans for a single father?1VIJ2012-10-27 20:18:07
I have 35 years , I'm looking to go to school on my computer at home. and I have no money, I'm looking for grant money 100% free with additional loan money for books and life , I have an 8 years? My friend goes to school in a real school , for free and get extra cash each quarter for books and thousands of dollars you can spend on what you want ? But it does not work online , leading to a branch here in Columbus, Ohio? He has 2 separate checks for $ 3100 , plus a piece of money book every 2 or 3 months? He receives about $ 600 for books of every 2 months and books are only about $ 300? maintaining the remaining money . And he does not have to pay it back until the school takes place . ¿ I can get the same help and education you do if I work from my computer at home ? And if so , could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
How do I apply for school loans and grants? Where can I find them online?1abeey2012-10-27 06:16:03
I'm single, white 21 -year-old girl living in Indiana . What are some special grants I can get? How to find them? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm having a hard time filling things , my parents make a lot of money , but I'm not living in them anymore . But I do not know if they have me as a dependent ... How I can fill out all this paperwork ? ! Help !
Is there an easy way to find and apply for government grants online without costing money?0juliek2012-11-05 13:19:17
i am looking for a way to apply online for both a small business startup grant and a home purchase/ hardship grant without any fees. just a nice simple online application.
I need a loan and fast! Where can I find a free quick small loan?2Meli2012-09-03 21:56:02
I need $ 130 to get me a start in my business , but my family used to help me I have $ 77 now, but I have to find a reliable website with someone without money loan can anyone help ? Thank you !
Is there any Grants, Free money available right now if I want to go to school?0SERITA2012-09-03 00:38:03
I have 25 years of age. I'm very, very motivated to go to school for computer information. I applied to Devry University and needs to start soon and I can not find scholarships to go to school . I can not afford to go to school . My parents will not pay for my school and I can not get a student loan . Please let me know where I can find free money. I filled out the FAFSA and received about $ 2000.00. I also have filled all scholarships exist and have not been able to get enough money . I am disabled so the work is very hard . I would even except people 's suggestions as to the different schools . I'd like to get done within 2-3 years and be able to support my wife and baby we're about to have . I went to school to be a surgical technician but had a car accident and can not perform at work because I have multiple surgeries and complications thereof. Please help .
Personal grants and/or other free money resources?0Liz2012-09-19 19:08:03
I am looking for a place where I can get personal grants , or something ( basically free money ) . I work full time, but my boyfriend
Can free gov. grants listings for small business start ups b found?0@@@@2012-10-13 15:41:16
Need loan 4 small trucks and delivery services
Why are filthy poor people getting free rides to college with Pell Grants and federal scholarships?0shel2012-11-02 13:09:51
They need to accept that college is for the rich (people with true value) or go into deep debt with student loans. Don't tread on MY taxes.
How do I apply for grants?!?0Rony2012-09-07 20:26:03
I am a full time student , and I lost my job .. Unemployment living is not enough at all and I hate how much I'm struggling right now .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A girl in my class told me not to apply to loans ( i was approved but still in the works to fill things ) but to get grants. I said I 'm not sure somehow qualify , because my dad makes good money . His father has more money then mine, and she has gotten donations ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went online and fill out my FAFSA . I live in Florida (not sure if that matters ) . How / where I can apply for these grants ? !

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