I know more than my boss....?

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So I've been working on this bank and for the nine months ( or mind I have no previous banking experience ) , and my previous manager was fired after like 3 months of my work here . So we had no manager forever , and I had to learn very fast ( because I'm the only teller / FSR here) . So he hired a branch manager and she has been working here for four months as I like , but this really bothers me that she even called my manager , when I do everything in this branch . In fact , he told me that everything in my responsibilitynow operations . So now I'm in charge of the ATM , vault , cables , opening accounts, tellering , answer the phone . The only thing I do not, however , is that consumer credit (which is sent to training soon. ) And now she told me that even going to do the audits .. lol I said I wanted to be paid as a manager (very good ) but also said he has to start doing the job before being promoted. I just need some advice , thanks .

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