I have a property which I own outright but don't live in. I am looking to purchase a property? related questions

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I have a property which I own outright but don't live in. I am looking to purchase a property?0Aletha2012-10-03 05:21:48
to live , my question is , when obtaining a mortgage for this new place , instead of paying a deposit that banks ensure that part of the loan against another property that I have my absolute ? , Or if I have yet to come up with the deposit before I pay the money ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks for any advice
What percentage of UK homeowners own the property outright (ie no mortgage or secured loan)?0Silence replace all2012-08-26 11:05:03
What percentage of homeowners in the UK have the property directly (ie , without a mortgage or secured loan ) ?
How to purchase a property and get Cash Back?2travie2012-09-22 18:31:02
I was told by a lender that has a way to obtain cash from a property undervalued . I said all I had to do is have the dealer write an annex that will pay X amount for me (the buyer ) 24 hours after the loan has been funded . All I had to do was to legalize the addendum dated 1 day after the purchase contact . He said the lender did not mention that this is between you and the seller , because I hate to see such a thing happen . Is this legal or is there something I need to consider before you make a bid ?
Does anyone have suggestions on how I should purchase my first investment property?3Lisel2012-09-15 16:14:05
I live in Texas and I'm thinking of buying a property to rehab . Unfortunately I have the money to pay cash so I was wondering if anyone could give me some information about other financing options . Should I go to a bank or mortgage company ? Are there special loans to apply? I'm thinking of starting a small L.L.C. company for my investment properties . Is there any government help for small businesses like this ? I really do not know anyone in the industry , so I'm having trouble finding a lot of the information I need .
Is it possible to purchase investment property with no money down?010th grade2012-10-27 02:34:16
I recently moved and was a victum to a mortgage rate adj . Now I'm renting for the first time in 14 years. My family has agreed to buy a house for myself with it on your behalf . We have been reviewing and for them to buy the house that is 20 % in the investment property ? There are about 695 of credit is a loan which is real possible. We are looking for a way to buy a $ 80,000 with minumun money down if possible.
Can I be sued by lender if I live in CA. but have property in Fl. that I'm foreclosing?2Kashawn2012-09-12 10:54:03
I have a property in Florida. and can no longer make the payments, plus the value of the property has depreciated dramatically. The property value is about 270K to 320K , and have a mortgage of 374K . You do not have the money to pay the difference if sold 320K . It came to the conclusion foreclose on my property. I am willing to take a hit on my credit card , but my lender may still sue me for the deficiency, if I live in California?
How i can take a personal loan with out putting property on line also i dont have job too?0Jr.2012-09-24 18:35:02
I want to take a loan.but not to property line and not on the basis of job.i wanna know what's nay staff plan to take loan.please give details.
Is cash-out allowed to purchase a rental property?0emmelie2012-08-28 17:54:15
Wondering if lenders allow a cash outflow of $ 200,000.00 from my primary residence free and clear of buying a rental property ? That's a 50 % loan to value on my refinance and would own the rent-free and clear . My debt to income also would be very low .
Cancelling a contract for a property purchase (australian law)?0cynamon2012-08-11 08:05:40
My parents recently bought a property after being informed by the agent of home loan that they were making payments on a ertain amount and entered into a contract of that impression. Recently, he was informed that it would indeed be an additional $ 250 that they can not afford. Although the contract has been signed and the cooling off period has passed, the contract may be canceled due to the fact that it was held in terms wrong.
Are there any loans out there where I can buy a property and get cash back to rehab the property?1Thimphu2012-10-20 12:38:02
I see a lot of 15k - 30k houses in areas with great potential , but needs about 50k in repairs that sell for much more than 120k . Are there lenders these days to lend me the money to buy a rundown property to fix and sell ?
I am looking to buy some property below market value. Can I add my current debt to the equity of new property?5Nakum Bakul2012-09-11 10:19:05
That will have about 125K of equity in the new property and want to consolidate our existing mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.In everything we save about $ 600 per month , has anyone done this before?
Where do i apply for a small business loan easily if i dont own any property?2Lara2019-04-07 20:13:35
I would like to apply for a small business loan , without any delays , i do not own any property .

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